race star wheel pictures

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  2. Start up a new topic and I'll post some pictures of my 88 lx. :D
  3. my 99 is not worth taking pictures of. It is sitting on jack stand's right now with no fenders, lights, front bumper or wheels. Just a white hood, and an aluminum wing. My lil frankinstein :rolleyes:
  4. thats perfect!!!!!!!

    ill start a thread!
  5. This is one of the guys up at the Steeda factory, thing runs like a raped ape.
  6. there are a select few in this thread that continues to bash the OP for his wheel & hood selection. they state that it is posted on a open forum and to expect all sorts of comments. i agree with that. but be that as it may, why cant these people have some tact about it? there are a million ways to state your comment without being a jerk about it.

    how would you feel if the tables were turned? honestly?

    guess i didn't realize it was so difficult to be courteous.
  7. yea it totally stinks! :(

    Thanks man :)
  8. yep he was my boss
  9. 98cobra..

    LOVE what you have done with the car. Don't listen to these guys, do what it takes to get every bit of ET out of the power you have.. Nobody is impressed with mustangs anyway so why bother with going for looks.

    Sure 17 inch DR's might hook decent but 15's hook better..

    Had I kept my car I was going to run a 15 inch combo.. I don't care what the hell it looked like.. LOL if I bought a GT-500 brand new it would get a 15 inch combo.

    My car was not fast because of my budget but all I care about is getting every bit out of the car I have, I see you think the same way as I do.
  10. wow yeah really its like some of the people on here have never seen a purpose built car before. the hood is there to cover that beast of a setup under it. the redneck thing to do would be to just run it with no hood. and the wheels may not look as good to some people but i would take a setup like that any day. better et's and come on that says bada** in any language! i love the way it looks and cant wait to get my prostars. also im digin the 4.5 backspacing :nice:
  11. yea...the OP's car has its purpose...and that purpose is on the strip...but if i see that car on twisty mountain roads...then i'm clownin' :nono:

    OP, nice car...i just hope you dont plan on DDing that thing the way it is in the pics
  12. I checked this thread out when it was first posted, and I thought that the car looked incredible. I ignored some of the stupid comments, and didn't post but I feel like some of you guys just have no respect for others.

    I have been around drag racing my whole life, and I realize that in order for a racer to maximize the combo they have to get the best ET's possible, they need drag wheels and a drag suspension. Obviously the OP knows what he's doing and know what he wants with the car. Who the hell cares if he keeps the wheels on his car all the time?! To the person who made the comment about swapping the wheels back to 17's at the end of the race day, not everyone can fit them in the trunk, plus if they are DOT legal DR's, who cares! Who wants to swap wheels at the end of a race day. You wanna drive home and have a cold one, not swap wheels!

    That said, it sickens me that some of you guy on here hate on his car because you just don't understand. Even if you do understand, your making comments that are totally unnecessary.

    Handz, I ABSOLUTELY respect how clean your car is and your knowledge of detailing, and while sometimes you seem like a know-it-all, I respect everything you post about detailing. It's your opinions that you just have to keep to yourself sometimes. I love the way your car looks, its basically what my old car looked like, and I agree, the stock look is underrated. BUT, I think it's retarded that you have only one fixed back race seat in the car if it's your DD. While I do understand why you have it, I think it looks silly with the stock passenger seat next to it. Why don't you just swap back to the stock drivers seat while your DD'ing the car and put the race seat in for track days? It's only 4 bolts! Thats actually less bolts than swapping wheels. I also think your gauge cups on the dash don't look as clean as a nice cluster surround pod or pillar pod, but I don't hate, I look at the overall picture. REGARDLESS, your car is clean as hell and at the end of the day, I still absolutely love it.

    My point is, everyone has different taste, and different opinions on what they think looks cool and how they mod their car. If you don't agree with it, tough ****, its not your car. Keep your damn opinions to yourself if you don't like it.

    I know if it were me and I spend over a grand on wheels and tires and I posted up pics and people hated on it, it would **** me off. But again, at the end of the day it's my car and I like it.

    To the OP, sorry for all the childish bull**** in this thread. The car truly looks awesome, and I can't wait to see more pics when you get all 20 lug nuts and after the hood is painted!
  13. Bring back the FR500 and the Cobra R Hood Please.....
  14. he cant bring the fr500 back...theyre on my car...

    very well said stp :nice: