Race Stars 3.75 skinnies w/ tires

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  1. I I bought these to run on my 08 Mustang GT and never could get the funds together to get the rears with tires. So, instead of these sitting in my garage any longer, I figured I would give someone else a chance to enjoy them. Here are the details:

    Race Stars 3.7" front skinnies with 1.5" backspace.
    Mickey Thompson Sportsman S/R tires, 26x6.00R15LT

    These tires have never seen any road time. I only bolted them on to my car just to see what they would look like. It only made me want to buy the rears, which is something I can't do right now.

    This whole setup runs around $660. I would like to get $550 plus shipping but am open to serious offers. Please, no low-balling on these. I don't HAVE to sell them. I am just throwing them out there for anyone that might be interested. PM me with your offer.

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  2. Any offers????
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