Mach 1 Raced a 2010 wrx with my 94 mach 1...

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by machoneMustang0, Aug 5, 2010.

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  1. Just recently I raced a 2010 wrx from a dig. I have a full exhaust. We raced up to about 90 mph and I got raped. I thought my car was fast until i raced this guy and go my ass handed to me. He jumped out to about 3-4 cars on me before i was able to shift out of first into second. At about 60 mph he stopped distancing away from me but at that point i was 6 cars away and not catching up. Those cars are ****en fast as hell. I did not stand a chance in hell against this guy.

    Recap: those subies sure move
  2. Street racing isn't condoned, mate. ;)
  3. You need overnight parts from Japan.
  4. super charge it, 410 gears, you will stay whith him.
  5. :lol: Nice one

    Moral of the story is know what you messing with before you shake its cage, just because buzzes like a bee and looks likes a crap doesn't mean its slow. Also take it a track its summer they're all open, you get busted you make us all look bad and add another number to the statistics making it harder for the next guy to get insurance on his car.
  6. oh, ADD ?
  7. :scratch:
  8. You've never seen "Fast and Furious"? Shame on you. A wealth of one liners in that movie. :rlaugh:
  9. :stupid: Wasn't aware they made them that year, it must be uber rare.
  10. 94 Mustang Mach 1... hmmm...

    Here's an idea... Race him with a car that exists. You'll have a better chance. If all else fails, get a Civic and put some NAWS on it and stickers, nothing will stand a chance!
  11. :lol: :rlaugh: Nice burn
  12. He has us TN guys all live our lives a quarter mile at a time ! :rlaugh:
  13. this is where you were suppose to respond "yes, that sh-"

  14. :lol: Ya got me.
  15. "I need two, the big ones"
  16. You lost cause you were granny shiftin, not double clutchin like ya should!!!
  17. :lol: I watched that movie again about a week ago. Classic.
  18. I like the tuna here.
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