Raced a Mach in the Cobra

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by SoonerSnake, Sep 16, 2007.

  1. I raced a Mach1 in the Cobra tonight. I was pretty surprised we were even in first and I started to pull away in 2nd. We are both stock, anyone else raced any machs if so what was your outcome?
  2. We try to discourage street racing stories here on Stangnet just so you know, but I raced one on an inclined drag strip that led to an expressway run off. It was no contest. :p

  3. It saddens me that you people street race :( :nonono:
  4. Aawwww, look what you did! KT is sad now and it saddens me :(
    Oooooh, bacons ready, now I am happy again :) want some KT?
  5. It was 1:30 in the morning, no one else around and on a secluded road with a median, and it was over by 3rd gear. I don't do to much street racing, but the closest track is like 40 miles and only open 1 night per week for test and tune, and it is usually packed and you pay 15 or 20 bucks for like 3 runs in 5 hours.
  6. Were you only kidding about the street racing thing?????
  7. I think he was laughing because he wanted some bacon:shrug:
  8. Why, do you have some bacon? :scratch: :drool:
  9. I will cook you a whole pound made to perfection, just come on over and help me get rid of my tick on my Cobra:p
  10. Mach 1 = easy mode.....

    of course....

    That's my experience with a STOCK mach.
  11. Stock Mach is basically a 99-01 Cobra with a live axle rear end. Does anyone know why Machs are advertised as 305hp and the 99-01 Cobras are 320hp?
  12. Thats only if you put Flowmaster stickers on the Cobra :)
  13. Correct me if im wrong but arent the Mach 1s under rated horsepower wise from the factory by quite a bit. Stock for stock against a 99-01 cobra could go either way. Last time i was at the track some guy had a mach 1 running 13.0-13.2 all day with his only mod being drag radials. I was pretty impressed :D .
  14. Watch out for Mach 1s. They are a beast in sheep's clothing....................
  15. No, that's just what happens when you can get a 4V to hook
  16. Lemme see, different cams, different intake. I don't know if the blocks were the same. I know that 99/01 cobra's had aluminum blocks. The cobra cams allow us to pull harder up top, where as from what I understand, the Mach cams were a little more mild and allowed better low and mid. Correct me if I am wrong.
  17. I have both and stock for stock the mach is far more responsive than the cobra. my mach is now full bolt ons except LT's and made 300/330. its still no match for my 97 that made 468 before the incident.......(#7&8 ringlands).it will be more after a bunch of money
  18. on a private race track on a hawaiian island in mexico....toyed with 1 a bit. wasnt much of a contest though.
  19. Well I will let you guys know soon what a mach motor in a 01 cobra can do when it is done next week