Raced a Mach in the Cobra

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by SoonerSnake, Sep 16, 2007.

  1. I have been doing alot of research the past month and went with the Aviator 2005, same as mach 1 block, and heads with navi cams. alot of people say it is under rated HP wise. I went 05 cause of the head and block improvements made mid 03 and this one only had 7k miles for 1950.00. I didn't care about the 6bolt crank, you look under my hood and never know it has been touched.
  2. from what I understand 03/04 machs and cobras share the same cams but 99/01 cobras don't
  3. Yeah, thought I read the diffs were the navi cams w/ an iron block?:shrug: 1/4 times ranged from mid to low 13's @ 101-103mph!
  4. The Mach's motor is not the same as a 99/01 Cobra. The different cams/heads is what makes up most of the difference power wise and possibly why the cars make anywhere from 285-300 rwhp stock.

    With that power and a 3.55 rear gear is why it is easier to run 13.0's bone stock.
  5. it takes about 4 bolt ons to get these cars in the 12's. they are fun. now its sad that mines gone for 6 months again
  6. When they first came out I saw a blue one run 12.7s in like 5 runs. It still had the plastic on the seats and factory everything. I was impressed maybe that one was just a freak of nature.
  7. I only raced my buddys 01 Cobra 3 times & everytime it was no contest since i pulled him by about a car....My buddys 96 Cobra gets raped everytime badly & he has 4:10's & i have stock 3:55's & only a catted midpipe, catback, & a C&L mass air kit....

    I used to have a 97 Cobra & i will tell u that my Mach felt faster immediatly on the test drive & it was bone stock the day I bought it. My Cobra wasnt modded much, but it did have an off road x, catback, & a CAI....

    the Mach 1's also have higher compression than the Cobra's too.....