Raced my friend's 96 Cobra

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  1. his mods: K&N, straight pipes

    him: 250rwhp

    Well after school today, we met up at the parking lot, and he was like "yo christian, wanna run" I'm like: "i dunno man...meh..." Anyways, he convinced me, so we take a right out of the school together.

    We are rolling at 40, he beeps 3 times, gets the jump, the front of my car is at his rear wheels. But everytime my car chirped into 2nd, we would be dead even, and I'd start pulling. But that's when he'd start letting off. :bang:

    But on the 3rd race, I got him! :nice: We raced a total of 4 times from 40-65, he won 2, I won 2. If he didn't start letting off would I have started pulling on him?

    I'm just totally surprised. I guess I underestimated my car.

    Also he's, an amazing shifter.
  2. Pretty cool and Congrats. I want to get my buddy with a 98 Cobra. He's running 13.2 and I'm not quite there yet.
  3. Nice race man!
    I don't think you'll have too much pain surpassing him.
    by the sounds of things it would seem as though you already have an edge.
    feels pretty good to show how your gt still has what it takes ;)
    no fancy names.
    well done
  4. Was it normal for me to pull on him like that? :shrug:
  5. Not really, but still.
  6. Cobra upper and lower, then do you guys think i'd def. pull on him.
  7. IMO It's the gears keeping you close. If he put 4.10's in his he would rape you. But dont tell him that :nice:
  8. If thats the case. Every1 get 4.10s and beat 96 cobras!! lol
  9. I want 410's
  10. wait till you get to the little higher speeds... you'll get raped with thoes 4.10's

    I say he would have started pulling on you if you kept going.
  11. i agree, those aluminem heads flow way better specially at higher rpm where those 4.10s will be keeping u and the iron heads seem to run out of steam up there, atleast IMO
  12. 4.10s do rule!!!!
  13. LOL no offense but 40-65 isn't really much of a race. Next time go from a dig to like 100 or 40-100 on an empty road then let us know the results.
  14. My mistake, it was 30-65, my speedo is inaccurate right now.