Racer Walsh headers

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  1. Last I heard, they were just selling Pacesetter headers (their image is old, it still shows an old Ford Motorsport header).

    I had the Pacesetter one on my old mustang, it was alright. Car revved easier, gained a little more top end, nothing earth shattering. Got quite a bit louder because I had to cut out the first cat.
  2. So are there any other headers out there?
  3. Not really. I think Pacesetter is the only company that still makes a street header.

    I was thinking there was another but I can't think of who makes it.
  4. I just read on another forum that the header on the 90's ranger is a good replacement.
  5. Well, it's just a "shortie" tubular manifold. It will gain you almost nothing.
  6. I also have that header from Racer Walsh ... it is a Pacesetter piece and it will give you some top end. Here is a video.

    As Red said, it's not a major difference but it definitely causes some people to look twice.
  7. I have it, just not on. You guys that have it on, was it a brch to get the egr on???
  8. On...what?
  9. err hooked up to the RW headers. I don't think it will be that hard, just need to do it.
  10. I didn't know those ones even came with a hookup for EGR. My Pacesetter header didn't have one but it was also for a '79-81 Mustang.
  11. The newer production headers have provisions for the EGR and O2 sensors, it says so right on the website. It took RW about 4 extra months to send me mine as they were in the midst of adding on the bungs to the headers they had in stock.

    Anyways, n8rsk8r, I don't remember whether it was the EGR or the O2 but one of them gave me a real hard time getting it off of the stock header, but not on the RW piece.
  12. awe sweet! I have it painted with 1500deg paint, hope it doesn't flake off. I have a pacesetter on the S10 and it was coated with some engine paint, some stayed, the rest came off:shrug: win some, lose some. But I can't wait to get it on. These N/A engines need all they can get.
  13. Some paint smoked off of mine almost immediately after I started the engine the first time after installation. I know the collector is now down to the bare steel but I haven't taken a good look at the primaries in a long time.