Racing And Reckless Endangerment

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  1. So I got a ticket last week for reckless endangerment and willful racing. I have a court date for December 13. I'm currently in the middle of closing on a new home and I'm switching my auto insurance to combine it with my home insurance. After I got the ticket, I emailed my insurance guy and told him what happened and asked what to expect and he said it won't affect me at all. He said he has already pulled my driving record for the initial quote he gave me, and that he won't need to pull it in the future unless I get into a wreck. Does this sound a little too good to be true? I can't imagine having a Class II misdemeanor and not having it affect my auto insurance.
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  2. Sorry for the double post of the conversation. When I originally pasted it in, nothing appeared so I tried again and still saw nothing.
  3. I've had some experience ..... in the writing end, here in Va., over the years in my prior career ..... and it was not at all uncommon for people to get a ticket or more and not see insurance go up because there was no lapse in coverage or no wrecks ..... but I also know that often whet happened was .... say a year or three down the road, client has minor wreck, insurance co pulls record, then driver cancelled because of other tickets ins co didn't know about until pulling it.

    The courts do not make it their business to notify your insurance co, the ins. co. is a private entity which you, the driver has a contract with. The court and then the DMV simply maintain a record of any convictions, .... but only way your ins co gets it is if they ask for it.

  4. Insurance companies do periodic reviews of your insurability. It is in their best interest to not insure bad risks or to charge them higher premiums and they ALL do reviews.
    Let's face it, you have already identified yourself as a bad risk. However, unless you file a claim or have one filed against you, it is unlikely you will pop.
    But things change and insurance companies are not in business to protect you. They are in business to make money.
    If they can find a way to charge more and provide less, they will.

    The problem is, if someone without insurance hits you and gets hurt - your insurance company will be contacted and your record will be checked.
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  5. Thanks for the responses.
  6. Your city is famous for street racing, you gotta be very careful. Texas is famous too, I carve corners, I don't street race. My 3.7 is challenged all the time, I wave most of them off. You must be selective where and who you race. Strip is best!

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  7. I got a ticket years ago for going 20 mph over the limit, and called my agent to see what would happen. He said that because State Farm is a mutual insurance company (policyholders are owners in a sense) I would basically need to leave the scene of a fatal accident or have some other event of the same magnitude before my rates would be affected.

    I am no insurance expert, but my guess is maybe you are using a mutual insurance company and that is why your agent gave you this answer. I could be wrong. --JSG
  8. Drag it out, plead not guilty, take it to court. It will buy time for you to close on your home. 7 out of 10 times the DA will reduce it to get some money for the state. Lawyer up, and get it dropped to careless driving and a faulty equipment charge.

    For now on... don't drag your conversations with third parties out into a public forum. It's not cool to post your agents name and compromise his integrity. If I was your agent and you did this to me, you wouldn't be closing on a home with my company.
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  9. I have to agree with this...

    In my mind, the OP got his answer so this subject is closed. My final thought on the matter is stop doing stupid chit on public roads.

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