Racing Stripes?

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  1. I was thinking about getting racing stripes, does anyone have any pictures of a true blue stang with stripes? Also I have the permiplate clear coat option from the dealer...will this make it difficult for the stripes to stick, assuming they are stickers?
  2. let the vipers do that kind of worrying..
  3. I think the stripes look ricey. My opinion.
  4. I wanted to see what my car would look like, then I can decide if it looks bad or not. It would be nice to look different than 90% of the mustangs. I also dont really see how stripes look ricey, I see you saying that about stickers, but stripes are for muscle cars. Do you think that a 72 chevelle SS looks ricey?
  5. If you can read.. My post CLEARLY states-----MY OPINION sorry if it doesn't agree with yours. I don't think they look good on a mustang some people might i don't--Maybe that is why they aren't on 90% of mustangs?? :nice:
  6. sorry I didn't mean to flame, I was just stating my opinion. I haven't really seen any with the full stripes so I just wanted to get a feel for what they look like. I may come to the same conclusion as you, but I would like to see them first.
  7. What's the permiplate clear coat option? Do they come on all True Blue Mustangs? :shrug:
  8. perminplate is not a factory option, I dont know if maybe you can only get it in california but permiplate is a clear coat that the dealer applies to your paint. It helps to prevent scratches and it protects the paint from the weather. Its like a perminant wax I guess, although I can't wax my car now because it will damage the finish. Thats about all I know about it, but I do know that it isn't specific to the dealer I got my stang at, I have gotten it on all 3 cars, camery, acura tl and mustang gt, my family has owned since 1992.
  9. ricey? i dont even think you know what rice is anymore... ricers dont even have stripes dude...
  10. Ok people, this is rice.... >>> [​IMG]
  11. stumbled upon this :drool: [​IMG] :drool:
  12. i think i got a TB with stripes in my laptop. ill hook you up w/the pix sometime tonite :nice:
  14. Huh? :scratch:
  15. [​IMG]

    This is my mustang with stripes, not blue but has some stock stripes and stripes I added. Ricey? I think not.
  16. **Edit - Link below if image not coming up.

    This is not my car, but I right clicked on it when it showed up here because it looked soooo good. Sorry for the plagerism but it is in the color you are looking for and close to being shelby stripes. I like the silver/grey stripes on the True blue color. Done right, stripes are definately NOT rice IMO.

    Hopefully this link can be hosted by hpphoto (?)

  17. red-x :(

    stripes arnt rice, period. that includes the worst of worst stripes..
  18. I put silver Gran LeMans Deluxe stripes on my car, and so far I've had nothing but good comments about them. I don't think thay look ricey at all, the other decal on the side however is gonna be taken off since I feel it makes it look too ricey.


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  19. [​IMG]

    Rice huh