Racing Stripes?

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  1. I think that a true blue stang with ghost flames would look awsome. However I also think it would cost a fortune. If ghost flames were only a few hundred bucks I would totally get them. I don't think I have ever seen a car on the street with them let alone any mustang.
  2. try pming "monkie" for pics of his car :nice:

  3. I think I paid about $40 for the vinyl. The job was very tedious and time consuming. I put a large piece of flooring material on the dining room table to cut them out on. Clamped the lines with a long piece of aluminum and cut them out with a roller knife from the sewing department at wally world. The hardest part was the spoiler and front bumper. I removed the spoiler and wraped them all the way around it. I had to shrink them at the joint with a heat gun. Where the tag indent is on the front bumper I had to tape off the inner and outer edges then heat them with a heat gun and stretch them into place. The whole thing took me about 12 hours working time on a weekend.

    On close inspection you can always tell vinyl from paint but the payoff is I have received lots and lots of compliments on the quality of the job.

    I got an estimate from a professional to have them removed and replaced when the detailer messed them up and he said to put them back as nice as I did them would be around $1000 to $1200 at $50 per hour. Needless to say I couldn't expect the detailer to come off that much for a stupid mistake so I've just left them as is till I can paint the car and I'm gonna paint em on then.
  4. Where did you get the vinyl from?
  5. Beacon Graphics
  6. I went with the more usual rocker panel striping, which I love. But Le Mans stripes are a great musclecar touch. White on True Blue would look esp. good (my rocker panel stripes are white, and the color works well with the True Blue of the car).

    I agree that offset stripes are ricey (unless of course you own a Jaguar D-type) fact, any over-the-hood striping on imports looks as odd to me as domestics with Japanese character decals on them.
  7. Checkout Stangtrooper97's car. I think it's one of the best looking stripe combos I've seen in a long time!

    Personally I don't like black stripes unless the car is a light color (white), but I think stripes that strongly contrast the base color look awsome (i.e. red & white, dark blue & white, etc...).

    If you like it who cares what the rest of us over opinionated slobs think? :nice:
  8. I think a killer combination would be screaming yellow with royal blue stripes. I think I saw a Factory 5 Cobra with that combo.
  9. :shrug: That was probably one of my many photoshops but thanks for the compliment. I'm really thinking hard about doing my car just like was in that picture. I'll try and dig it up. :nice:

  10. First off, anyone who thinks Le Mans stripes look "ricey" on a Mustang is completely clueless to the heritage of Mustangs. I fully respect your opinion that you may hate it, but it is nowhere in the vicinity of rice.

    Okay, now that I got that off my chest... I love the look of black Le Mans stripes on white, silver, and gray cars.

    SilverStang: suh-weeeet stripes (but you gotta lower that thing) :nice:
  11. 10 is really a bit big the Roush only has a 6inch my 96 Cobra Bullitt & LX all had 8 inch I will look for you some pics of my Bullitt because you said you car was blue
  12. [​IMG]
    click on My Car to see more of the Roush
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  14. 345-1075923890.jpg
    this is what it looked like when I got rid of it

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  15. (edit: referring specifically to the silver Roush with black Le Mans stripes)
    Snkchmr: Looks VERY good. Any thought to continuing the stripes down to your front splitter? Also, you have one of the few cars that have side door stripes that I like ... it goes so well with your Le Mans stripes. Your stripes are really well executed and go well with the Roush aero kit. Nice lookin' car overall ...
  16. no not really thats the way Roush does them
  17. perfect stripes :D
  18. I retract my earlier retarded statement. It was just every car that i ever saw with racing stripes had a poor look to it. Now i see that stripes on a mustang is obviously not "RICEY" but classy. Thanks for opening my eyes. :hail2:


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  19. The roush 390R is far from looking ricey and is one of the best looking stangs out there. It comes with stripes and looks f'n sweeeet. Actually in my opinion the roush with the stripes looks less ricey than a saleen without them.