Racing Stripes?

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by sickstickGT03, Feb 3, 2004.

  1. Nice! What kind of stripes are these? I haven't seen anything like these anywhere, except for the 40th anniv. stripes that came with the '04 stangs.

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  2. I have the "mach I" style scoop black out and hood stripe kit on my car and I love it. My car isn't TB, but I think the decals I have would look good on a TB. Here's a link to a picture of my hood with the stripe (the guy I bought the decal from off of ebay asked to use it a model)

    Here's a direct link to their website as well.

    Personally, I think stripes (if done tastefully) make a car unique. You can overdo anything.
    Rice isn't part of the equation unless you start plastering after market parts decals all over your car...
  3. I have thought about doing stripes on my car. I never thought about doing blue, but I'm trying to picture what you described and it actually might not look that bad. I wish I was proficient in Photoshop!

    I had always thought about doing black stripes. I think black on yellow contrasts very well and might look really good. I'm sure some of you have seen the yellow Vipers w/black stripes. :drool: But I'm hesitant to do it because a kid around here has a yellow Tercel with black stripes and that thing looks so's like a damn yellow jacket, except it has 4 wheels and can't fly or sting or produce allergic reactions. :)
  4. Just like mine...Not rice.........cannot get it to post. :(
  5. those are 8 inch & put on the car & cut
  6. id go with paint and i saw a true blue one with silver racing strips down the middle of the hood scoop and trunk i though it looked hott
  7. any recommedations on a color to put on redfire
  8. black would look cool on red
  9. i would say white :)

  10. i want to see pics
  11. i got the mineral grey rims may it would help with the selection of a color
  12. i dont know how to put a pic up
  13. I love racing stripes :D :rlaugh:


  14. :eek:

  15. nice bike :banana:
  16. I would love to get stripes on my car, I think the look bada$$. The only thing thats holding my back is my cobra R hood, I don't think anyone make a stripe kit that would go along with the slits on the hood. I guess my only choice is to get it painted on.
  17. :rlaugh:
  18. i saw a red one with gold but it was more marron than mine looked hot though
  19. Stangs have had stripes on them long before the viper was even thought of.