Rack And Pinion Help 02 Gt

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  1. So I'm looking for some help, I'm close but struggling with the steering connection. I found 1 bolt 13mm that I fully removed but the rack still isn't pulling out. Since I'm helpful somewhat here is pics.

    image_1.jpg image_2.jpg
  2. Well you removed the bolt but that is a soft brass clamp you need to spread it a little and collapse the shaft to disconnect. You will probably destroy your clock spring if you are not extremely careful also.
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  3. Steering rack is attatched to the k member by two long bolts.

    Steering shaft by that one bolt, and is slip fit to the rack.

    Looks like a lot of rust there.
    maybe get some heat on it and pry it loose?
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  4. Thank you All! I was able to get it done. I had to get a screwdriver and pry the clamp apart then it pulled right out. Sat here trying to decide if I should do a new thread or add on, addon won.

    This is my first Mustang I actually haven't even really driven one other than a brand new one for a few hours. But anyways, are they supposed to feel like they have a rear end shake? It just seems really loose in the rear