Rack & Pinion Question

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  1. The rack's internal stops are not adjustable and provide positive stops directly at the rack gear. It does not continue to load the tie rods and balljoints such as when hitting the factory strut rod stops. If desired the strut rod to steering arm stops could still be modified to limit/reduce centerlink travel for wheel clearance issues.

    Shortening the steering arm also increases the amount of force required by the rack to turn the wheels. The new outer tie rod position may also introduce some bumpsteer and ackermann steering issues unless compensated for with the inner tie rod.
  2. Randall's rack also has internal non-adjustable stops

    In fact, I think they all do. There just isn't enough room across the chassis, to install a rack long enough to give full lock to lock steering.
    With the front end off the ground, at full suspension travel, I hit the stops on the strut rods, in both directions. At ride height, I am about 3/8" away from hitting the stops, both directions.

    One other note about moving the tie rod ends in, is that this increases the steering ratio, which is all ready pretty quick.

  3. Sure there is. It depends upon the design. I have a rack in hand that upon initial measurements and testing looks like it is going to provide full lock to lock steering with stock spindles and has more travel than needed with Granada spindles. I need to do some more comprehensive testing but it is looking really good. The design is going to be a little unconventional and I have a lot of things to test but I will get this to work with some time. Unfortunately I have a huge prject that is going to consume the next two months so I have to wait to do further work on this project.
  4. Look forward to seeing your project

    What is the rack out of? What kind of mods are you going to need to do to make it work?
  5. I will share it all after I have made it work. I am not going to speculate on anything until I have something that works to show you. I am confident that I can make this work in one fashion or another it is just a matter of putting time into it. This is not something that can be done at home. The pieces will need to be made at a machine/fabricating shop which I have complete access to. I want this to work and be safe before I get anyone too excited but you guys will be the first to see it when done and functioning.

    I am currently building a Griggs GR-350 car for the track and this project has to be completed by mid August so I can deliver it to California. I will not get back on the rack until this car is gone so be patient and as soon as I have something I will be more than happy to show you.
  6. Measurements

    Randall's Rack:

    6.375" lock to lock against internal rack stops.
    Steering wheel is 40 degrees short of three full turns.
    2.2" rack travel per turn.
    Turning radius 43' (same as extended cab Ranger).

  7. I would like to see the pictures because I have the same problem with my rack. Thanks. Please email ti [email protected]. Thanks
  8. R&P

    Hey RonStang, I am excited about what you are trying to unfold with a R&P setup. I know you are working on a 65-66 set up now. I do have a 67 and 69 and live in Baytown so if you need a car for measurements feel free to come by. [email protected]
  9. Rack and Pinion question

    :rolleyes: Hey headgrinder, I would like to see the pictures on how you fixed the Steeroids Rack problem. Please email to [email protected]ks
  10. pics

    Hey mustang67 did you get pics? I sent them a second time if you do not rec. email me at [email protected] and I will send directly. still working great.