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  1. Hi guys, just wanted to see some pics of how you mounted them, i got the passport with the Blue LED. I wanna wire it so its hot when the ignition is on and run the wire up the a pillar and in up in the headliner and mount the radar detector right above my rear view mirro. how would i go about doing this? thanks!
  2. I got more speeding tickets with a radar detector than without.
    All they are is a false sense of security. Key term here is False.
  3. :Word: I'll personally never own a radar detector. From what I hear, police take offense to them and if you get pulled over and they see it, you're gonna get a ticket.
  4. good choice on the Passport, i got one for christmas and its saved me a number of times. i dont go more than 5-10mph over but its nice knowing where they are, mine has picked up radar at least a couple miles away, far before the cop car was even in sight. sorry i cant help you with mounting it, because i move mine between my stang and teh' beater.
  5. If you only go 5-10 over, a radar detector really isn't saving you. It's unlikely you'd get pulled over for anything less than 11mph.
  6. i've gotten three speeding tickets, all from florida highway patrol. they were for 7, 9, and 10mph over, local cops usually dont bother unless its more than 10mph over though
  7. That statement is very true. Just a little lesson on radar from a police officer for y'all. They all have a standby mode that keeps them from emitting a signal and the detector will not pick them up. I can see a car that i want to clock and switch from standby to transmit and then lock the speed faster than the radar detector can pick it up. And even if it does I already have you locked. I never leave mine on all the time unless I just want people that have them to slow down to keep me from writing a ticket. They all work the same no matter how good they say they are. I wrote a guy a ticket that said his 400.00 radar detector never went off and that I would not hold up in court. Well it did and he was convicted and it cost him another $265.00.
  8. I don't how to wire and hide all those things, but i'd try to hide it somewhere in the dash pad, or something. Mine's helped many times, but you do get pulled for "suspicion"
  9. Mine has saved me plenty of times from a ticket. Cops around here do give tickets for going 1-5 mph over the limit.
  10. mine was from best buy, cobra brand, about 50 bucks, it already has paid itself off numerous times
  11. First you have to distinguish which of the two wires are positive and negative. The wire that is connected to the tip of the cigarette lighter plug is positive (+12 v) and the wire that goes to the side clips of the cigarette lighter plug is the ground.

    The ground wire needs to be connected to a good metal ground under the dash.

    The positive wire needs to be conneted to an in-line fuse holder and then to a fuse that is only on when the key is on. Maybe the wiper fuse, for an example. Make sure you use the fuse out of the cigarette lighter plug to put in the in-line fuse holder. This will keep the same protection for the detector that had already.

    Another way to keep from cutting off the cigarette lighter plug is to wire in a outlet under the dash. I have used the 12 volt extension cords and also the 3 outlet plug-ins for this. This is the best way so you can still use your detector in another car, but if your going to be hiding the wires under panels this doesn't really matter.

    As far as where you position it, it all depends on the type of detector, what they give you for mounting, or what you can make.

    I mostly use mine for the digital compass. Some now even have scanners/weather radio/compass's. Thinking the detector will save you, is definitely a false sense of security, cause if your speeding, you better have the $$$ to pay the ticket if you get caught.
  12. THANKS! Hey dead last i dont see the detector?
  13. i use a scanner :nice:

    its the item with the orange screen
  14. Come on, you've got to be kidding right?
    Radar is between something like 1-4mph off, and so is your speedometer, so that could be a total of 8mph.

  15. Ummm a radar gun is not at all off... at least that's what the police told our class. I dunno.
    I've been to driving school twice and they teach you about everything. That's when I decided to get a detector. Your speedo is off more the faster you go, at 70mph I think it's off on most American cars by 2-3 mph. I have a radar detector and it's saved me numerous times. Once I told the cop I was sorry that I didn't know I was doing 84 mph. I told him that my speedo said 72 and must be broken and my radar detector must be broken because it never went off. He just told me he had another call and I got "lucky" :rolleyes: Yeah right!
  16. Im sorry but I wouldnt have the balls to tell a cop that I have a radar detector. I personally dont and the only time I was ever pulled over was for going 68 in a 65 (yes thats the dead honest truth). I was on the Mass Pike, in a Mustang with CT plates (younger kid) and had passed the under cover car who was going a little above 60. He gave me a $50 ticket that was dropped without worry, but more or less did it to bother me (I was not hurting anyone or a danger to anything doing a few mph above the limit).

    I personally have been in cars where the radar worked, and in another where the radar went off as we went by a cop at 120. Needless to say I have no solid proof whether they are good or not, but dont see myself getting one in the future.
  17. Radar detectors are a great, granted you use them how they are intended to work. A radar detector will not help you at all if you are all alone on a road and the cop tags you. It will go off when he hits you, and you're screwed. The key to using a radar detector effectivly is driving in packs. The radar detector will pick up the radar put on other cars to warn you it is coming.

    As for people saying they are a false sense of security? lol. I own a Passport 8500 and a Valantine One. The Valantine One KILLS the Passport as for early warning. The One will pick up a speed trap over a mile away if the conditions are right. Hell, the other night I was in the Saturn (with the 8500) and it picked up a cop on the side of the road over a 1/2 mile away. He was hitting the people 1/2 mile in FRONT of me, because he was so far back that there is no possible way he could have seen me 1/2 mile away. Once I got up to him, I was going 5 under and smiled. The Valantine One is the best investment I've ever bought. It has saved me, especially on the interstate, numerous times.

  18. :stupid: i have a k40 radar with a laser diffuser, its fully built into the car you just see 3 lights, it lets me know what direction the signal is comming from (front rear). the diffuser gives you about 3 or 4 sec. to slam on your brakes, it lets you know you have been shot with laser, and will "jam" or "diffuse" the laser for a short amount of time.

    Its totally up to the cop, if he is shooting instant on radar and no one infront of you has been shot, all your radar dector will do is alert you that your just about to recieve a ticket..

    Cheap radars have a Wide X band range which will do nothing but help you find grocery stores, and wallgreens.
  19. Exactly.