Radar Detector Suggestions/Recommendations Needed

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  1. Ah man, I was just :stick: 'in ya. I thought most people (aside from you and me) would'nt even remember it.

  2. I know dude. :nice: I never really got over that. Something about being found guilty when I was completely innocent. The cop later went on the attack all Colorado drivers saying he had just been here on a skiing trip and was appalled. I left Calif feeling close to the same way.
  3. It's been my obsevation of over 25 years drivin a truck , that the best thing radar detectors are good for is to tell you, that you just got a ticket. If he's got an "instant on" button on that radar, and you happen to be the only one in sight, he's not going to let you know he's there by triggering that button, til you're right on top of him, when NO detector is going to do you the least amount of good. If you want an oldie but a goodie, I'll send you my 20 year old Escort.
  4. I just thought I'd give you guys a heads up. I got a totally different detector from the ones I listed above. I bought a k40 RD-850. I just happened to find it at a car stereo place in Waterloo IA. It was 225 dollars and it came with a one year no ticket guarantee. It works pretty well, detecting radar and laser emissions at about a mile away. I am still going to bet that the escort 8500 is a better detector but the one I got is pretty good and saved me and the people following me from a few tickets yesterday. :nice:

    An unexpected side affect of using the detector was that after the first couple alerts it really made me more cautious. In fact I actually kept my speed to 5 to 7 miles over the posted limit. It was probable just because I was still unsure of the detectors abilities and didn’t want to push my luck. Over hills it was awesome because it detected upcoming speed traps in time for you to slow down. In traffic the detector couldn’t be beat because you can hid in a group, but on the highway alone you might get hit by one of those instant on radar guns, although even without the detector you can see the officer coming, if your paying attention that is. :rolleyes:

    Woo whoo I finally feel a little safer from the coppers. I will tell you that if you are driving I-35 through Kansas you really have to watch out because they are out in droves. The Kansas State Troopers drive Crown Vics in light blue, bronze, white and of course black. None of the units I saw had lights on the top of their cars, so they were pretty stealthy. The detector picked up every single on of them that had their radar running, and although the detector’s harsh alarm made me jump a few times, I was glad to hear it.

    BTW do you guys think I should get a lawyer and try to fight that ticket I got? I’d just like to keep it off of my insurance. Oh and we should put a book together with pictures of state police vehicles and known hot spots/speed traps. I think that would be cool. Hey I don’t have anything against the police and I understand they have a tough job to do. I just would like to know when they are around so I can be on my best behavior. ;)

    All interstate speed limits 20 miles outside of a population area should be set at 75! Just my 2 dollars.
  5. Again, If the cop is sitting in a good hiding place,or it's night, you're not going to know he's there til he hits the button. And as for "hiding" in a group, there's radars out there that can pick your car out, so that doesn't wash. Texas is one state that has radars that do this. Even twenty years ago they could.As for over hills detecting , the higher you have the detector mounted, the better this capability is for any detector, but again, that depends on if he triggers that button so send a signal the detector can pick up in time for you to slow down. I found that it's best sometimes, to not slow down, ignore him like he's not there. Got out of many tickets this way. If you hit the brakes, he knows, that you know you've been had and is more than likely to oblige you with a ticket. By not slowing down, and ignoring him , he just figures you're driving with "your head up your butt" not paying attention and many will let you go happily on your way, ( :D fat dumb and happy :D )
  6. Good points, but the only time I was ever caught unawares by a speed trap was at night when a DPS officer was way off the side of the road in a patch of very high grass with all his lights off (I thought they weren't supposed to do that?) I got off with a warning that time. Your best defense against speeding tickets is to not speed (that works most of the time), keep your eyes on the road ahead of you, watch what other drivers are doing (you should do that anyway), look for suspicious vehicles (undercover police cars), slow down when approaching potential hiding spots, and try not to stand out. I've been doing all the above very effectively for years now. My girlfriend can't believe that I can spot police cars as far off as I can and you can do it too. The radar detector just gives me a little added information and can confirm the presence of radar before I can absolutely distinguish that it’s a police car. It’s not perfect and it’s not a license to speed. Um this is too long I’m gonna shut up now.