Radar Detector?

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  1. I have heard TONS of mixed reactions to "radartest.com", most of them negative. Personally if i were ready to pay that much for a detector anyway, I would choose a V1 based on the people I know that have them and swear by them, not a site that gets lots of bad media
  2. In mischief 3000 dado and dustin didnt get a ticket until they were in cali. That shows something right??
  3. I agree with laser jammers and a V-1 remember nothing will gurantee that you wont get a ticket. Has the new gumball come out I dwl the NY-La I want to see the LA to Miami
  4. The one thing I have heard about the valentine 1 is that it sets off way too many false alarms. If any of you have it, let me know. I know it works, but if it beeps all the damn time, then I don't want it.

    I wish they did the shootout with the V1. I would have liked to see the results.

    Well, I tend to believe published articles and personal experience rather than from "what I hear". The world is full of idiots, and you can't trust anyone. Simple fact. Before I buy a detector, I am going to buy a recent publication about the new ones on the market.

    But, I have to replace the clutch on my car. That comes first. I think I will use CC and try to stay off the pedal as much as possible.
  5. Im waiting on that one too. If i didnt have to worry about my car breaking down or getting tickets or the 10,000 entry fee i would go.
  6. interesting advice... those mischief vids are sweet!! I am waiting on my order now, I DL it from kazaa :D ...

    -anyway, basically, I just want a detector that tells me that someone ahead is getting pinned... I don't drive 100MPH, but 80 is not unheard of... mostly 65-70 though, I just want a warning for those infront of me... I don't speed when I'm alone... even at 3am...

    -and I'm not stupid with my car, but I don't want to be that one fish in the sea, where all the ricers laugh at you as they pass you on the side of the road w/ the cop at your window :mad:
  7. Yeah that an M3 BMW doesn't get as much attention as a Ferrari or Lamborghini.

    I'm sorry but if they weren't in such a "high profile" rally the wouldn't be getting off like that. Take the last Destroy DVD.... no one even got pulled over til the last freakin 30 minutes of the thing. :shrug: If it wasn't for the snow scenes and the stupid stuff in the extras it wouldn't have been worth paying for to me. Too much car show stuff... I hope there next one isn't such an advertisement movie.
  8. why not save up for something "sure shot" , find some radar obsorbing paint and deflecting body kit, atleast that would be a step in the right direction
  9. A STEALTH MUSTANG, you might be onto something there :D

    -but then again, if I had that kind of money, I: 1) wouldn't be driving a Vibrant Red Mustang, and 2) pay some hot-shot lawyer, or just pay off the cop in the first place...
  10. V1

    I recently sold my 3 yr old unit for $360 on Ebay (that means it cost me a whopping $50 to use it for 3 yrs!). Turned around and bought a "new" return for $359. If you're smart, you can "own" a V1 for practically nothing...so why not???

    Actually, good detectors work EXACTLY as they're advertised. MOST cops in MY area don't bother using instant-on radar. They just leave it on and I know up to 4 miles ahead of time when they're around. If they do use instant-on, I've picked up blips of them shooting cars up ahead at 2 miles. If there's no cars ahead, then you could get nailed. Laser is bad news all the time.

    Laser jammers work and they're legal...radar jammers don't work and they're illegal.

    The next time a cop is sitting over a hill on the shoulder of the hwy with his radar on (that I knew about for several miles), I'll remember that you said that "The only time an officer will leave his radar in the On mode where it is emitting a constant signal that a detector will pick up is when he really does not want to write a ticket and is just doing it to get everyone that has a detector to slow down" LOL!! Seriously, how can you speak for all officers?

    I've yet to see Vascar around here in 10 yrs of driving...if I get a Vascar ticket, then it just wasn't my day...

    Do all those things that you mention you do and combine it with a good detector and the chances of getting a ticket are SLIM. Anybody that says you can buy a V1 and be invincible is an idiot...they'll get popped.

    You saying that detectors "tell you when to pull over" is hilarious. The only time that's the case is if you get instant-on'd or lasered. You've obviously never used a good one...

    My V1 isn't a "false sense of security"...more like a "6th Sense!!" :nice:

    NEWSFLASH: Radartest.com = complete bull$hit

    When will they learn...

    If they use instant-on and laser almost exclusively in your area, then any detector is only going to help so much.

    I've been plucked from the middle of pack before so I like to know where they are regardless of my speed or surroundings...

    When set on "advanced logic" mode (ie, max filter) it doesn't...
  11. I'm not ready to drop $300-$400 on a detector, even IF I could have a chance to regain the money later. (I'm NEVER that lucky.)

    However, I did jump on a reburb on ebay. I got the most recent model of Cobra with a compass (which I wanted) for like $50 a couple of years ago. It worked great... but as with any other techo gizmo became more and more outdated.

    I scored pretty good with my Cobra though. What was great was the fact that I parked in front of the satellite dish at work once. The company spent a WHOLE day trying to figure out why they lost their signal. (turned out my detector had a built in feature that jammed the signal some police use to see if you have a detector) When we discovered that we could shield the company dish from one direction "immediate" blame was cast on a local cell phone tower that had JUST been recently activated. Our company actually got the tower phases turned off in cycles for testing, AND they scheduled to COMPLETELY turn off the new tower for a period of 20 minutes that night.

    A co-worker of mine was smoking in the parking lot looking the situation over and was standing between the dish and the cell phone tower. Since it was now dark, he noticed something "lit" up in my car. It was my radar detector! We unplugged it and BAM the dish worked again!

    After a lot of cussing and what not, I called Cobra the next day. They said I must have gotten one that was bad. Without any hesitation, they had me mail it back to them... they sent me the latest and greatest model for free 3 days later.

    Personally I find that a LOT of cops in my area leave their guns on constantly. Especially the troopers. I've had my detector save my butt many times... but I've also topped a hill to learn that I was going to get pulled over. Sometimes a warning is too late.

    While there is no substitution for not speeding, I'll never own a fast car without a detector of some kind.
  12. It has NOTHING to do with luck. Look on Ebay. V1's have wicked resale value. Brand new they're $400...you'll see them going for as much as $390 on Ebay. Like I said, I sold a 3 yr old unit that wasn't even the latest model for $360...

    LOL...yep, POS detectors "leak"...or emit...V1's and other quality units don't. Cobras are junk...
  13. Um, actually I was informed the reason that it "leaked" was because of the date the government changed the requirements for building and selling them. Mine was older and made BEFORE the date. My new one is awesome and doesn't "leak" (ie. doesn't block the sat dish at work). Also mind you I bought the first one off ebay for like $50 - new they were $180+ So I'm betting it was either stolen or a reburb - probably a reburb that didn't pass the tests after the date.

    Saying that something half the price of something else is "junk" is kind of a poor comment. To get this back to Mustang related topics...

    Vipers are cars, mustangs are cars. I'll bet you most Viper owners will say that Mustangs are "junk" too. But WE all know that is not true! :D
  14. No really, many cheap detectors leak. Some of them set off other detectors. I know this for a fact. I have friends and family that have Cobras and other cheap units. They leak!! If my mother-in-law pulls up right behind me, her Cobra sets off my V1. They can also be picked up by detector detectors (if you live in an area where they're used by the police).

    I never said that Cobras are junk because they're cheaper than a V1...they're junk because they don't do a good job. "Good" is relative to what you're used to, or what you've got experience with, so don't tell me that your Cobra works well. I used to think my cheapie did a good job too...but that was before I got a V1...I just had no clue!! I've ridden in friend's cars with Cobras and other detectors since I got my V1 over 3 yrs ago and there's just no comparison...period!

    Why spend $180 on a Cobra when it'll be worth jack squat (ie, $50) in a few yrs when you can spend $400 (or $360 for a return) for a V1 that'll be worth $350 in 3 yrs. I don't care about the cost now...I care about the NET cost when I'm done using it. Doesn't make sense (or cents) to spend more for a lesser unit...
  15. I spent $50 on mine, it doesn't set off other detectors.... and it was well worth it. End of story.
  16. :bang:

  17. Maybe it's just a problem with cobra's... my Whistler always goes off when it goes near my friend's Cobra radar detector.
  18. Exactly...

    Although Whistlers aren't any better :D
  19. You just can't stop can you?

    Does a Mustang perform better than an Aspire? Hell yes... but you know what they are both FORDS! Saying a "Cobra" sucks is just stupid... they have about 40 different models. Some retail for $40, some cost $200+. Passport has a good detector in the $300+ range, but they have cheaper (ie. not as nice ones too.) :rolleyes:

    :hail2: Valentine - I have no questions about that. You are looking at this from a Rich persons point of view... to a poor guy like me... they aren't just $200 more. They are TWICE as much retail and 4 TIMES as much online!

    Who gives a crap about their value 4 years down the road. The police may come out with something TOTALLY different by then. Or my state might ban them all together. Or another company may be the new "Ferrari" of Radar Detectors... Technology gets better and better daily. The chips they use could cost a penny tomorrow where they cost $50 today. If Valentine decides to NOT pass the savings on to the consumers then YES you could come out ahead.

    I just can't see "stereotyping" things like this. Nor do I see how you can just call everything else crap because it doesn't perform as well. No offense, if your $400 detector didn't work BETTER than my $50 Cobra - I would feel pretty screwed if I was you. I also bet you wouldn't be posting about it either.

    This makes me feel the same way you did. :bang:
  20. LOL...

    1. The V1 hasn't changed much (mostly physical changes) since the v1.7 came out in the mid-90's. I'm not too worried about technology changes, or somebody else making a better unit (they've all been chasing Valentine for 10 yrs!) If they come out with a super duper radar band, I'll Ebay my V1 to somebody that doesn't know any better and be done with it (and detectors in general). I'll still have spent very little in the long run for years of protection...

    2. Since you don't care what it costs you at the end of 4 yrs (I said 3 actually), break it down as a cost / yr to "use" (since you don't plan on keeping it) a V1. It makes perfect sense to buy a V1 IF you can afford the $360-400 up front.

    3. I never said everything else is crap, did I?? I just said that cheapies don't work well, so why bother?. The Passport 8500 and Bel 980 & 985 are good detectors, but they don't give you all the info that the V1 does. Referring back to the same cost argument, there's really no reason to buy them (or anything else) if you can afford the V1.

    4. I wouldn't feel screwed if my V1 worked the same as your $50 unit (obviously I would if yours worked better, but since they're not even close, who cares). The cost / yr is about the same :rlaugh: I consider the V1 the ultimate bargain and worth every penny :nice: If you can look at the big picture, it's common sense.

    I really don't know why I give my input on this...the more people there are out there using Cobras, etc, the more people I have an advantage over when it comes to avoiding tickets :lol: It's funny watching people with crap units drive right into a trap that I knew about a mile back... :p