Radiator Core Support?

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  1. I will need to change my radiator core support on my 65 and was wondering before removing anything is there any precautions I should take before doing the job, Im an excelent welder and fab guy so that wont be a problem for me but just wondering if anyone has any insights to doing the job?
  2. Just take a few measurements and make note on how it aligns with the front aprons and its very simple . if the front cross member is damaged now is the time to replace it .
  3. i thought i remember reading somewhere you can use a 67 core support that has a larger opening for a bigger radiator.
  4. I have never tried it ,but there would at least be bolt holes missing .I have a 66 and a 67 here i will do some measuring but it seems like there is a difference in height.
  5. I actually thought about cutting out the opening larger to put a radiator that a friend of mine has that came out of his ranchero, its the same height but its different width, but that will be after changing out whats there now, due to the fact the steel there is so brittle and cracked up in different spots.
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    hats what I did on mine.I put a 22" wide universal from Summit that goes frame rail to frame rail.Makes a big difference in fin surface area.
  7. on the 22" wide radiator was it the same height as the stock one?
  8. yes, the radiator cap sits under the upper lip of the support
  9. Ok the radiator my friend has is 24wx21 3/4hx2 1/2 d so I'm guessing it will be to wide to do it so I guess I'll just buy the stock size radiator with a 3 core.
  10. My core is 22", from tank to tank its 27".