Engine Radiator fan combo with wiring kit 87-93


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Feb 11, 2019
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Looking for links and or suggestions for an aluminum radiator kit that has everything ready to go for install. I'd like to keep the stock inlet hoses while keeping a 400 - 500 hp setup cool.

87-93 mustang GT
347 stroker
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Aug 8, 2003
Me personally, i don't think the simplicity of a complete install kit is the most important factor.
I'd put priority on cooling capacity and reliability.
And while i'm not always the biggest electric fan swap advocate, if i did it, it would surely use some type of ford factory fan, most likely the DCC controller and a big ass radiator.
A qucik glance at lmr yielded nothing i would actually buy. Maybe the contour fan itself, but i'm guessing that is only like $50 at junkyards.


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Apr 16, 2015
I would go 3 core rad (old copper style is more reliable than aluminum ones - in my opinion).

Electric fans (OEM Ford units - my preference is Contour units).

Controller of your choice with temp sensor in lower rad hose or driver side of rad to pick up temperature after rad cools coolant, not in thermostat housing or intake manifold where you get engine temp reading, not coolant temp. Remember engine needs to get to temp and stay there for optimal performance and while driving the rad will sufficiently cool without fans to keep engine at operating temp.

Have the controller turn on and cycle low speed (assuming Contour fans) through a 70A relay. Hook up high speed (through another 70A relay) to a toggle switch for back up. From personal experience you will not need high speed mode but is nice as a backup. Low speed reduces load on system on fan starting (something a lot people get hung up on when they only use high speed).

Wiring of Contour fans to use both speeds is straight forward and even easier if you can get the wiring mounted to fan shroud from wreckers.