Electrical Radiator Fan Issues...thought I Fixed It

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  1. So i just put in a new radiator fan after taking the old one which could barely be spun by hand. The new Fan is a single speed aftermarket fan and at first glance all seemed to be well.

    I wired it up to the lowspeed wire (red wire) coming of the stock fan, the first time i turned it on it came one and stayed on while i was idling the car now when I turn the car on it powers on for a second or 2 then turns right off.

    I also took the car for a spin and it stayed at a nice temp for a while then I got on it kinda hard on 5 mile hill climb and it started to over heat I pulled over with the stock temp gauge at M and the fan wasn't running so i turned on the heater and coasted down hill to home.

    I currently have a Check engine light becuase i pulled the connector to the coolant temp sensor to force the fan to come on at all times.

    Is this a Sign of the CCRM going out? As it's maybe the last part of the cooling system for me to replace this year.
  2. Ok so i think i know the issue now. I wired the fan to the low speed wire and after driving it hard it got hotter then the low speed fan so now it won't turn the fan back on until i cools all the way down......Just a theory... because when i was idling around town before the up hill pull the temp stayed stead but once it got past a cretin point it kept climbing....so i can either rewire it to the highspeed wire or find away to make it work on either.
  3. I don't see how a single speed fan is going to work. Where did you get the fan?

  4. I picked it up at Summit Racing the other day when i was in Reno, it's a 16" slim fan with 2000CFM flow, fits alot better then the stocker with the new aluminum Radiator (summit 2 row universal).

    I just wired it to the highspeed fan and it's on and staying on with the temp sensor unplugged so I've fixed the issue temporarily, But I need to find away to have it come on with both high and lowspeed wires attached which means i either need a Relay for it or a Diode. My other option is to adjust Computer to kick on the highspeed fan when the lowspeed would come on and stay on.

    Another possiablity is to just tie the high and low speed 12v+ together but I don't know what issues that may cause
  5. Probably best to put a relay on it. I'm not sure what the voltage is on the high and low speed.

  6. Do you still have the stock wiring pigtail (or just bare wires) attached? You could connect both to the fan's positive input, but the stock relays' normally-open terminals might not like the feedback (I think that's why you talked about using a diode, but these are large wires carrying large current).

    If that bothers you, you could use each of those stock fan wires to control a relay, the output of each goes to the fan's positive input.

    If you did away with the stock wiring but still have the CCRM, find CCRM wires 14 and 17. These are the low and high relay triggers as I recall, respectively. Because each sends a different polarity, each will require its own relay.

    Some info that might help: