radiator leak..

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  1. Hey guys my 95 mustang gt has developed a radiator leak.. It appears its along the passenger side seam from about the middle then runs down the rest and onto the ground... My question is it appears that the side tanks are plastic... Is this correct?? It scratches like plastic and sure appears that it is.... Are these repairable?? or just trash?

  2. Yup, they are plastic and crimped on to the aluminum core. A good radiator shop should have a crimping tool for this and may be able to just tighten the crimp on the end tank that has the leak.
  3. Probably a good time to upgrade to a 3 core aluminum. Fixing the stock radiator is a waste of time. It's made for high temps. A good aluminum will keep your cool under 195 forever, mine ran 185 in Florida summers. Mine was a C&R 3 Core from Steeda for $329.

    This with a 347 stroker. This is in real time.


  4. I have that same C&R Steeda radiator, and it's been on the car for 9 years now. What an awesome piece. I don't have any of the problems other people have with other brands. Steeda doesn't sell it anymore, so I'm not sure where you can get it.

  5. I went to Steeda's website to post a link and saw they are not selling the C&R anymore, Fluidyne only. The C&R is what they use in NASCAR, V8 Supercars and other racing series. When you see a front end wreck in NASCAR you will always see that C&R huge black painted on Logo. My car went from running at 195-230 in all conditions to run 185 degrees and under after installing that radiator, best money spent. Car obviously ran so much better with cool temps. The C&R radiator, 180 Stat, 60/40 Mix and a bottle of Water Wetter was my cooling system.
  6. I still run a stock replacement 2 core (about $100) because space was an issue with the vortech crank pulley. It works fine with my 500+hp H/C/I 302 with a 180 stat and the fans adjusted accordingly in the tune. Temp never gets over 200.

    Not sure what all the original poster has done or plans on doing to his car, but if it's mostly stock and doesn't have a bigger motor then a bigger radiator is overkill and less gas money in your pocket. Just replacing the 16-17 year old gunked up stock radiator with a new one helps with most cooling issues.
  7. I too live in a very hot climate. 170+ days this year over 90 degrees.

    The very best mod i ever did was go with the summit universal radiator that you can mod to fit in our cars.
    My car would run at 180 with no Fan at all. I had a manual fan switch and really only turned it on when in traffic with the A/C on.
  8. live in Seattle.

    Thanks for the replies... Looks like my budget holds the stock replacement. I can get the Plastic (ugh!) new at about 126.00... If it holds for the next 16 years im ok with it... If i plan to go massive HP then I should go to a three core.. Hate to admit this as someone might shoot me but i am a chevy guy!! But the Mustang has kinda made me kind of a fan of the 5.0. Fun damn Car!!!! Gonna buy the stocker for now to get this fun ride back on the road!!!!

    Thanks too All!!!