Engine Radiator Recommendations And A Question

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by fivespeedsteed, Oct 28, 2013.

  1. So my radiator is slowly leaking and its clogged up once on me. I know some people have used the cheap 3 row ebay ones but wasn't sure if anyone knew which one they bought. I don't see any reviews. If none of them are trust worthy then ill get a mishimoto.

    If I do a mishimoto or any old aluminum 3 core radiator I can use the stock clutch fan and shroud right? I'm trying to think but the clips that hold the shroud at the bottom are on the rad support not the radiator itself right?

    While we're on the subject what kind of e fan so do you guys like? I have a 3g alt already. You like the mishimoto dual 12 inch kit and get a wiring harness seprate? I Want it to all be automatic
  2. Been asked and aswered about 10000 times. You will get many opinions. In general, you can either get a cheap Chinese made radiator and take your chances or spend more and get an American made radiator that is welded and not epoxied. I've used Griffin, Be cool, and just put a Champion 3 row in my 90. Fit like a glove and under $200

    Same thing for the fans. My personal opinion is it is hard to beat a Taurus E fan and the FAL 33054 combo. For under $200 you will have a setup that will keep anything under 500hp cool.
  3. I know it has been asked over and over im not sure I trust the ebay stuff but some do I didn't know if there was a certain brand of eBay radiator that works well that everyone knew about.

    Is mishimoto back to ok quality? They aren't American made right
  4. I forgot about griffin too I will go check them out
  5. The griffin radiator 800165 says it needs modification to fit it to the stock shroud what does that entail?
  6. I have a Be Cool radiator and a Contour/Cougar dual E fan I bought new off EBay for $47.00. The Contour fan fits my Be Cool radiator like it was made for it and the combo cools great.
  7. Cougar/Contour Fan with Flex a Lite Controller on mine.
  8. Mishimoto has mixed reviews, mine has been running good for 3 years, no problems. Champion seems to be the best bang for the buck. Contour/ Focus dual fans here. Had the mishimoto fans originally, did not flow enough to keep it cool.

  9. Any certain years to look for for the fan setup? Ill go read on it
  10. Do not get a radiator with plastic end tanks. Even my OEM Ranger radiator blew a tank gasket or crimp. That and the plastic tailgate handle were the only warranty items I remember.
  11. 99-02 Cougar Dual Fan V6
  12. Ron Davis, Lincon MkV111 custom schrod and dccontroller.