Radiator scrap value

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  1. Anybody ever taken their old radiator to a recycler or scrap yard and receive any scrap value for it? Where's you take it and about how much did you get? I know people take copper coils out of HVAC units to recyclers, so why not a radiator?
  2. scrap or crape

    well aluminum is $.45 a pound, and steel is $15.59 a ton.LOL. If youe trying to help the enviroment then go for it, if its for the money your better off painting it black and taking to a swap meet. Vince
  3. Steel scrap is selling at record highs of $250/ton or more. That is why it is getting hard, in my area, to find a junkyard that bothers with parts sales. They are so busy crushing that they won't bother quoting on parts.

    The radiator has scrap value, but not much unless you deal in bulk quantities.
  4. I go to a local scrapyard that will buy just about anything.Radiators,batteries,old wheels,engine blocks etc.But unless it is prepared scrap then you typically don't get much for it.If you get 50 cents for it you are lucky.It is interesting rummaging around looking at all the stuff they have, almost like an episode of "Junkyard Wars".I am still kicking myself that I didn't buy a bunch of stainless tubing I saw there once from an old staircase handrail as it would have made a nice exhaust.Just look under scrap metal or recycling in the yellow pages.
  5. I brought a load to the local scrap yard last month. Steel brought $101 per ton, engine blocks $40/tn. I had three radiators, I think I got like $12 for them. For the whole load, I netted $70, and it wasn't much of a load. I had sold 4 transmissions along the way for $60, and 2-390 blocks and one 10/10 390 crank for $40 to an engine rebuilder. One block was std, the other 40 over. Altogether I can back home with $160

  6. :nice: Extra cash for the Stang...........160.00
    Empty pickup in the driveway.........No clean up

    Space to move atound in the Garage............Priceless

    One mans Junk........Is another mans treasure.