Radiator Support Measurements.

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  1. Hey guys,

    I'm replacing my radiator support and front fender aprons. The old ones had some front end damage so I didn't bother to measure their locations. Can someone get me the dimensions from the front of the support to something farther back, like the front edge of the cowl on each side?

  2. measuring from the front of the cowl it is 44 1/4 to the front of the radiator support.
    from inside to inside of the two front aprons at the radiator support it is 41 1/2
    i would put in the radiator support first and fit the aprons to it the radiator support. this is for a 65-66 but if i remember right the 67-68 is the same _MG_3918.JPG _MG_3919.JPG _MG_3924.JPG
  3. Thanks! That's exactly what I needed!