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  1. I need a replacement radio (currently don't have one in the Mustang), and I'd like to head over to the local junkyard and pick one up. I was wondering what year / model would be compatible with my Mustang.

    My radio harness appears to only have one plug if it helps.

    Can I get a 6 disc changer from a cobra, or do I need to stick with a single disc unit? I don't know what originally came in this car.

  2. You would be much better off to use an aftermarket radio. A very good one can be had for less the $75. The after market can help with an adapter to make this a plug and play operations.
  3. What he said. a 6 disc has its benefits but shell out the 90 dollars for an aftermarket unit and you can hook your mp3/ipod upto it and not have to worry about CDs (while still being able to).

    The harness is a cheap 20 dollars, plug and play. Going aftermarket allows better output, ability to add speakers or woofers painlessly and a cleaner finish. You can also add in the storage compartment below the radio.
  4. I agree that an aftermarket would be better, but I'd still like to replace it with a factory unit - even if it's a tape player.

    The long version of the story is that this is a car that I'm selling for my dad. I'd like it to look nice, and it's really hard to beat the factory for a integrated look. The local parts yard sells radios for $25-$35 which would be a better deal for a radio I'll really never listen to.
  5. Oh in that case yeah, go stock, I wouldn't bother would trying to pay for a 6 disc changer, the buyer won't think "oh damn 6-disc changer" he'll think "oh damn, all stock, this is mint." If anything.
    But really grab whatever you find for the car if it looks clean, it should all be click in and done if your stock harness hasn't been cut into.

    I'd be able to tell you better if I knew what year your car was lol
  6. need to know what year and stereo system your car had stock to give you a good answer. Mach 460, or base stereo?
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  7. I believe i might have a stock head unit laying around that i took out of my 2002 Mustang. If you are interested PM me.
  8. Without knowing his current year and model stereo...he might not be able to use it

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  9. im just sayin, i thought id offer if they have that type model. But mustang 5l5 is right, we would need to know the year and type you currently have.