Radio Decision

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  1. I have been looking at radios and the only one I can find is the USA66 but I want quality sound so anyone that could give me a radio brand that looks like factory but is modernized would be great. Or a company that could convert a 1964 1/2 mustang factory radio into an auxilllay.
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  3. Check out retro sound. They have all kinds of classic looking receivers with modern features.
  4. I would not touch a Custom Autosound if your looking for anything quality. My brother got a Retrosound radio for his bug and its pretty nice, but almost double the cost of really nice Pioneer. I put my head unit in the glove box since nobody makes anything remotely close to a "audiophile" headunit that fits in the dash.

    There was a company that can add a aux input to your factory radio, but in the end your sound will only be as good as the source unit.