Radio Doesn't Work On Accessory

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  1. Hey all! Been a while since I've been in here. My daughter and I have spent the last (2) weeks replacing the carpet, stereo, etc etc in our '66 Mustang. Just so everyone knows, the original factory stereo had no wires going to it (power, ground, speakers, etc)... So after we got the new stereo installed (and all of the new wiring), we turned the key to the Acc position and, yeah, nothing. When you turn the car to on, stereo fires right up. Took my tester, and sure enough, there is no power coming out of the Acc fuse terminal when the key is turned to Acc. I know the ignition switch was replaced by the previous owner, so I am thinking maybe they didn't hook all the wires up right? I don't have a diagram or anything for the ignition switch (which I am sure I can find online), but I was wondering if there is anything else I need to be looking for? Perhaps some other sort of problem? The fuse isn't blowing or anything, so there isn't a short. That's why I am leaning towards the idea of the ignition not being wired quite right. However, if anyone has had any other sorts of problem with this, I would appreciate your input before I go chasing ghosts. Thanks!
  2. What wire is it connected to ? It i probably plugged into a on power supply instead of the Acc. wire .The Acc. wire may have been cut out .
    Test any wire behind the radio that isn't being used ,it should be near the back of the radio but i cant remember the color code for the Acc.
  3. well no I went straight to the fuse box and tested it there and with the key in the ACC position it does not have power coming out of the ACC fuse
  4. Is there power to the front of the fuse at the box? the terminals some times corrode and loose contact with the fuse but there will be power before the fuse .If so sand the contacts and it should work .
  5. neither side has voltage when the key is turned to accessory. Both sides have voltage when the key is turned to the on position
  6. Check the acc terminal on the back of the ign switch and see what you get. Make sure you actually have a wire connected there. It appears to me you have a problem from the ign switch to the fuse box not from the fuse box to radio.
  7. That's what I am thinking tos, since the previous owner changed out the ignition switch I'm thinking they probably hooked it up wrong.

  8. I tried to scan my wiring chart but it is unreadable .
    The wire you are needing comes off of the fuse block and it is black with a 3 wire female plug in. The wire that plugs into that is yellow with a black stripe and goes to the radio. From the key switch to the fuse block does not give the accessory wire on my chart but it looks like it is yellow and ties into a black and yellow at the fuse block. Try testing the black and yellow into the fuse block to be sure .