Radio wire color problem on 95 mustang conv.

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  1. Problem finding the correct color wires on my 95 mustang convertible to install new pioneer radio, CAN ANYONE HELP?

    I pulled up on the internet wire diagram for the car, but I can't find any of the colors that every diagram appears to be talking about.

    I also pulled the rear left side speaker panel to make sure what colors they were and sure enough it's the colors on the diagram.
    What am I doing wrong?

    I powered the radio, everything works fine, but cannot find the correct wires to connect to the radio.
  2. You probably have an amplified system. Meaning that the wires connected to the radio are not connected directly to your speakers, but rather to the amplifier. The wire colors you have should be found coming out of the amp. If you have pods on your doors that say "Mach 460", you definately have an amplified system.
  3. I agree wit 2BADSTANGS...I used to install car stereos and I did a few mustangs. More than liely it is amplified. If I"m not mistaken you probably have 2 sets of wires plugging into the stereo. If not it will only be one. (Forgive me if I'm wrong, I'm in Iraq and doing this from memory) I had a 98 GT that I put an aftermarket stereo in (PIMA). If it is amplified, meaning you have the MACH System, the amp SHOULD BE on the floor UNDER where the radio is. Meaning you will have to pull out the bottom section (where your shifter is) and look for it. It's a little inconspicuous, but I'm sure you will see it. All of your wires should be there. Try getting in touch with Crutchfield ( Normally they can point you in the right direction with little or no hassle. I hope this helps.