Rag Joint Hitting Clutch Z-bar?

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by bdepedro, May 29, 2014.

  1. I replaced the rag joint on my '70 today and now the flange on the bottom of the steering shaft is hitting the clutch z-bar. I notice that the shaft is high of center as it exits the column tube and this may be why it's hitting but not sure how it moved up. I first removed the two bolts that connect the rag joint to the shaft flange, then pushed the shaft towards the firewall, and then unbolted the rag joint from the steering box. I put the new rag joint on and pulled the shaft back down and connected it to the rag joint. The flange hits the z-bar in two places 180 degrees from each other at the rag joint locator pins. I would think that since I didn't loosen the top of the column or the steering box that the alignment of the shaft should be the same. Any thoughts?
  2. The rag joint may be slightly larger in diameter than the old one . You could probably bend the arm over but you may have to remove the z bar to do so. Check the z bar and see if it slides side to side ,it may need a spacer on the touching side under the pivot ball stud between it and the engine block to keep it off the joint .
  3. I'm thinking the equalizer is bent.