Rain + Car Show = :(

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  1. Trying to get car ready for a show tomorrow in Effingham Illinois and the weather was not cooperating today. May very well rain tomorrow anyway, but still hoping it doesn't. Last year I got a special award, one of the Top 4 Mustangs. So I really want to go.


  2. Send some of it up here. We could use it. :D Hope it lets up, and good luck if you go! :nice:
  3. Well it rained off and on while going to the show, about 45 minute drive. Stopped at the car wash and took a look and decided it didn't even need a rinse off. Good wax helps :)

    They gave awards to the top 50 and then separate awards to the top 4 scoring mustangs. I got one of those, just like I did last year :D So it was a cool day.

    Got it all set and ready to go to a small show tomorrow. Oh yea, turned 95,000 on way home :(





  4. Looks good! And congrats on the award!
  5. Thanks Blue :)

    Show I went to today was Top 30 and it was participant voting. So hard to get a win at a show that is not judged. 61 entries and I took home a plaque still. I was surprised. There was only two newer cars that took home a plaque, myself and a 92 calypso green convertible :jaw:


  6. hey i know the guy who owns that vert, he lives here and came to every one of the shows me and a buddy put on. To bad he didnt bring his silver 88' McClaren or the Fiero he has, both are super sweet! congrats on the awards!
  7. Hey! What's my Mounty doing in front of your house!?!?!

    Is that 95k or 195k? I just rolled 216k the other day.

    Where you located? I'm up between Springfield and Peoria.

  8. Sorry don't understand wha tyou mean my "Mounty in front of my house?"

    It is 95000, I am the original owner.

    Southeastern Illinois, about 3 hrs southeast of Springfield, about 45 minutes southeast of Effingham Illinois.
  9. is that a Sanja body kit that I see???