Rain SUCKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in '1965 - 1973 Classic Mustangs -General/Talk-' started by gp001, Feb 21, 2004.

  1. I want my 70-80* days back NOW!
  2. dude, live here... yesterday it was 50, like a heat wave, cleaned my car/waxed it, today its 25ish and snowing... grrrrrrrr
  3. AGREED...especially when the car leaks like a sinking ship. I don't even want to imagine what snow is like
  4. I had a two hour window of sun and warmth befor the clouds and wind came in, took out Chepie, washed it, and went for a quick ride, just beat the wind and snow!

    Life is tough out there!!!!! Come East to experience the four seasons!!
  5. Hey man its not just the east that has the four seasons! The Northwest has it also come out here to eastern washington and im sure you will experience all four seasons in full effect!
  6. Yep, we get all four seasons too.
  7. Took my Stang to the Winternationals at Pomona on Thursday. It was a great day for the races! The pit side parking was like a car show in itself, except for that Miata! Bring out the sun, need more cruising time!

  8. At least you have 4. We only have 2: winter & summer.

  9. But that's why I pay the outrageous price to live where I do. I don't want snow, rain, or even clouds. I guess I'm just a spoiled So Cal'r
  10. We had some clouds yesterday; they all blew to the northwest??? :D

    You could move down here; we have three very arid seasons - Hot, Dam* Hot, Not as Hot, and Snowbird.

    Still Dreamin'
  11. Heck no, that would mean I would be closer to you and your 6 MAN jacuzzi :D
  12. Holy god heck, you can have our weather mate, the last 3 days have been awful. Today's highest temp was 100.4*F

    It's getting cloudy though, looks like a storm hopefully. 6pm and it's about 90*F still.
  13. Holy raindrops, it's pouring again! Enough already............
  14. Welcome to another week of this crap.
    my car is going to be one big rust flake when this is all over.
  15. Stop complaining...At least you can see your car. Mine has been burried under several feet of snow since Christmas and Mother Nature just added a fresh 3" last night.


  16. Boy, footballs don't catch on all that well. :nonono: I live just across the river from the Imperial Sand Dunes of fame and legend. My ("6 person" or "Two Monkeys, One Football") Jacuzzi is in the CLOSET; which resides in a Time Warp between Central Missouri and Northern Lawn Gyland! :p

    Sheese! Keep up!

    Still Dreamin'
  17. AH, that expalins alot. You suffer from Baked Potatoeism. Sorry I picked on you. ;)
  18. Were you picking on me? I didn't realize....thought we were just playing each other! Sometimes the desert heat gets intense and the voices in my head are hard to blank out and they override reality. In the last sandstorm, they were telling me to shoot down all the black helicopters :eek:

    When they get too intense like that, I usually go hide in the Jacuzzi to clear my mind :nice:
  19. Baked and boiled :D Silly Dreamer, you know Black Helicopters can never be shot down.

    Besides, you wouldn't have so many voices if you would get rid of the mancuzzi. ;)

  20. Bzzzzzt - Wrong Answer! If'n a malnourished, misguided soul from the deserts of Iraq can bring down a Blackhawk helicopter with a 1930's era Mauser; it's no big deal for an slightly deranged Redneck from the deserts of the United States to bag a BlackSheeple helicopter with a Browning autoloader in .338 WinMag :nice:

    (Heck, if they fly low enough, I'd bet those eggbeaters would succumb to a well-handled S&W in .44 Rem Mag!)

    Of course, I'd not expect you to understand this; living as you do over there on the Left Coast, deep in the heart of the People's Republic of Czechoslifornia :rlaugh:

    EDIT: AND BY THE WAY - what's the big deal sending all this stupid rain back down here? I already have enough overtime after the light sprinkles we collected before sending it on it's merry way up to you.