Rain SUCKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. BAH! Have you EVER heard of, or seen, a black helicopter from the Sheeple fleet shot down? I didn't think so. Besides, if one ever was shot down the tracking device would lead the ground crew right to the perp for anihilation
  2. Saw the rain even Kaboshed the Winternationals!
  3. Hahah!


  4. I hate the rain too. There is this weird pattern here where i live where it rains 2-3 days out of the week. It never used to rain this much and the meteoroligists claim we are behind in total rainfall. :shrug:
  5. lol you guys down south are too whinny...

    i'm in Québec near Montreal and we have 60cm of snow on ground... it sux :nonono:
  6. It's raining here, calling for snow later in the week. I hope it's snow - much easier to get around in that that d##n sleet and freezing rain.

    It was so nice yesterday my sweetie and I went cruising in the mountains in her Z3. Last Thursday I was sailing, even had the shirt off a while (first time out in the boat since last Nov.). Getting warm enuf to work on the filly. (my garage isn't heated.) Maybe I can get her ready for the road this spring after all - only a few more weeks......

  7. Snow is actually better than rain when your car leaks, you can brush the snow off before it melts, keeping your car dry inside. Downside is you can't drive it year round.

  8. Leading the ground crew right to annihilation??? Okay, if that's what you really want! :D :D :D
    Oh, yeah - sorry about the upholstery; it was really nice!


    Flingin' flangin' Hydra-Shocks stringing away from the driver! :mad: Should have pulled some Black Talons out of the back of the closet. At least the Trophy Bonded solids stayed on target on the gunman! :nice:

    Still Dreamin'
  9. OK, that was funny! Really funny! Good one Mancuzzi man
  10. Thank you, it was from the heart :p

    I wasn't really happy with the way it turned out - wanted a few "monkey parts" strewn about the cockpit, and the final spray pattern of the blood was really suck-ey. What can I say, I'm a better humorist than a Photochop artist (and that's sure not saying much!) :rolleyes:

    Still Dreamin'