1. about how much Hp does a ram air give... if any?
  2. Its kinda hard to measure, since it doesnt function on a dyno.....I always wondered though, wont they suck in water when it rains? Hydrolock=bad
  3. You would need an awful lot of water to go in to hydrolock the engine. It was probably tested in prototype stage on cars with R-A. I doubt they'd sell a car if it sucked up water in a rainstorm.

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  4. Dont ram air give you more low end whereas a CAI gives better high end? That sounds like a ricer explanation. And its probably wrong but thats what ive heard.
  5. It would depend how fast you are going, normaly none. 130+ mph you might get some. And yeah JDM, that sounds like ricer BS to me.
  6. You have it backwards. Ram Air gives you better high end because air is only being rammed in at speed. The Ram air on the Mach 1 produces about 4 pounds of forced induction at 70 mph. Good ram air on a 99+ v-6 will probably give you 10 more hp over 65mph at best.

    I am running ram air on my v6. I cut out the fog light area and ran a custom flex tube up to my Mac CAI. It helped a little bit up on top. :nice:

  7. Where did you get this from? sounds like Bull skat to me. 70mph shouldn't be fast enough to generate any boost and it wouldn't get into that scoop anyway, it's out of the air stream. I ma be worng but my understanding of how these things work tells me they are :bs: How would the Machs hood scoop have a greater effect then a scoop on the face of the vehicle? 4lbs isn't alot but there are super chargers that make around that right? That would make a bigger difference than "a little bit on top"
  8. It is fact, you can look at 5.0 Magazine when they tested the Mach 1 and gave the measurement on the amount of forced induction at speed.

    And as far as noticing it on my v6, 10hp is barely noticeable on top of 220hp above 65mph.

    And I have never seen a blower less than 6 pounds, but I’m sure someone out there makes one. And even so, a blower is continuously forcing induction.

    If you doubt ram air works stick you head out the window at 70mph and open your mouth really wide and put a funnel in front of it and then tell me ram air doesn’t work! :nice:
  9. stick your hand out the window when your going 70 and tell me thats not 4 pounds, or more, of preasure on your hand...
  10. i thought ram air kits(like on trans ams) fed air into a box that is electronically controlled to suck in air(like ramming air into the filter). i have no idea how correct that is i just know that on my friends dads T/A when he turns off the car the ram air box makes a kind of fart noise that sounds like a fan turning off or something. i know that cervinis sells a kit for v8's that is supposed to add 25hp i have not seen such a kit for a v6 besides custom ones that are made from tubes that feed air to the filter via holes in the front bumper. so far i dont know anyone that has hydro locked their engine from ram air but i do know 2 kids at my school who did it with CAI's.

    on another note they did an article in the most recent 5.0 that featured a turbo'd mach 1 that was only pushing 5lbs of boost.
  11. Quite a few people have fabricated ram air setups going through their fog light holes. They were also track tested and helped to shave another tenths or two off their times.

    Most ram air hoods have a series of baffles built in where air can get around them, but the initial "wall" heps to block any water that gets past the initial opening. At arounf 30-35 mph, my setup definately has an effect, and I'm not just saying that. I can feel the car start to pull harder than without it.

  12. Well you have to consider ram air as the ultimate CAI too. There is not really any chance of anything except ambient air entering your engine. Thanks for clearing up that water thing, I always thought it would be bad to put the intake on the OUTSIDE of the car, lol.
  13. Some of the hoods and/or ducting have weep holes in them as well.
  14. sticking somthing out the window out it in a whoe different ebviroment then rising off the hood. Those big goofy scoops that stick up off of drag racing cars work because they up in the windstream, you need somthing like that or on the front breaking surface of the nose. I think another 10 hp would be quite apperent at high speeds but somtimes I'm stupid so :shrug: