SN95 Ram Air?

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  1. Just curious is there a way to make a ram air hood functional? This could be a stupid question. Lol:shrug:
  2. sure, but not worth the benefit
  3. Didn't think so, I did it with my camaro and I did feel a pretty big difference. But also the intake was pretty much set up that way factory all I had to do was change the lid and I added scoops to catch the air from the bottom aswell, that's prob why it made a difference.
  4. Yes mine is functional, i installed the Cervinis under hood funnel scoop to the air box. The air coming in is extremely cooler than anywhere else. Which we all know cooler air is more dense air, meaning it is more potent per air molecule. My scoops are about a big as your hand. So as a test, to see how much it creates, roll the window down and slip your hand behind your mirror. Then cup your hand slide it above it and feel the wind resistance at 30-40mph you'll notice it's very strong. Around 60-70mph it does make you firm up your arm. But to really imagine the difference here is to think of your hand behind the mirror as the air filter thats behind the fender as one of those fender cool air kits that are away from the engine heat. So when you slide your hand up you feel the air more and its even cooler than behind something. But i'll say this about mine. When I'm getting on it, I feel a boost of some sort around 60-80mph and when it's already cool outside it really screams. I also believe a carb open element scoop would be the same at getting that cool air.
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  5. You need all the correct parts to do so, and the only kit i know of is the cervini's kit. It could be a tad bit higher into the airstream to be more effective, but it's the only kit I'm aware of for the Mustang
  6. Yes the Cervinis fiberglass air box keeps the heat away from the engine real well. I installed that Big ass k&n filter charger and i had to extend the Cervinis top layer box with some fiberglass, repainted black etc. But with it being longer it won't fit the backside of the box that attaches to the fender. So i removed it and tested how cool/ hot that cornerside got during the summer. And it was VERY cool to the touch because of the Cervinis shield like box. So i just left it open and it just sucks in all the cool air in that front right corner. It also blocks the heat wash from the electric fan. Works really well, i'll post a pick soon.
  7. Her's pics of my set up. ....Warning BIG @ss pics :rlaugh:








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  8. Dude!!! That air filter is a foot long!!!

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  9. I know right!! Bout as close as you can get without having one installed :rlaugh:

    Damn thing was $126 bucks, its got a hold down " L" bracket that comes with it to support the nose. But I got it snug on things, so its not on there right now.

    I'll see if I can find the part # for others, but it's made for the 87-93 mustang though.
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  11. Wow that setup is pretty cool if I get somekind of hood I can do that with I might give it a try. Havent really decided on a hood yet might buy one and modify it myself to work. I want some kind of cowl hood with an inlet somewhere. I might have to get creative but I can pull it off lol
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  12. Cervanis actually has a prettt cool ram air setup for 899. Or just the hood for 599. I could prob make something from just the hood. Buying the package might be a good idea though lol.
  13. I bought the hood first, then I ordered the Cervinis ram air. That was in '97 though, much cheaper. Had to enlarge the box first to correctly line up the hood inlet opening. After I installed the box, I then got weather stripping9sticky side up) and stacked them on the corners of the box and top of the curve of it. Then I shut the hood and they stuck to the underside of the hood. Then I measured the rest of the opening on the underside of the hood. Took the hood off and fiberglassed the under hood scoop to where the opening was at. It's money, I just was on a back road last night with very cool air, Oh yeah its a boost alright, to bad that wasn't on my dyno sheet :rlaugh:
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  14. If you buy it pre installed, you gotta' use whatever filter fits inside the box cause you can't take the underside scoop off and slide it up toward the firewall for a bigger air filter box fab.
  15. I also cut the rectangled openings near the cowl and lined them with trim, lets heat out etc...
  16. Sounds like a project but its going to be fun ill get it working good we use fiberglass at my job and have cnc machi es so I can get something working I'm actually excited lol
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  17. Nice, fabing stuff is always fun. It was my first time messing with fiberglass and i may have went overboard with all the supporting sheets. But i was making sure that it wasn't gonna come off with heat or wind pressure. Bought the layered fiberglass sheets, fiberglass liquid compound(not sure what its called) and the hardener that activates the compound at the auto parts store. When it cured i sprayed it all black, seemed to work good, been on there for 16