Ran a [email protected] 3.27 Gears, NA!!! 3476 lbs!!

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by JayZ, Dec 30, 2003.

  1. Did the TB on the stock plenum do anything for you?
  2. I guess it did a little. But everything that I've read says real gains are from adding the CL Plenum or Dragon. That will be my next mod, soon.

  3. I did not read all three pages, but I read the first page. I believe he is telling the truth. That MPH is really high, and those are amazing times coming from stock gears. Good job. For all the haters out there, it is coming from guys who have not run as good of times. I ran a 13.11 in SC with about 90 degree temps and HIGH humidy on 245/45/17 Nitto DRs, so I believe him when he has more mods than me short of gears, stickier tires and better DA that he knocked off 4 tenths off my time and 3mph higher. Good job.
  4. I believe that he ran that. :nice: I really didn't know the weather plays that big for a roll. My car runs the best at 50-60 degrees. If its 80+ and humid it runs like crap.

    Don't worry about stangnet, there good guys they just love to put up the :bs: flag a lot.
  5. So what does DA mean...anyone?
  6. Density Altitude
  7. Thanks JonJon! :p
  8. JayZ,
    Can you explain your mods? What is LM? Sorry if it sounds like a stupid questin.

    I believe you about your times.
    First time out to the track in my 02 GT CONVERTIBLE with no weight reduction I ran a best of 13.72 at 103 mph with a 2.15 6o ft time. I ran a few other high 13's. Mods were Spintech X and Catback, Steeda Pulleys and TA, and K&N/Densecharger. My best mph that day was a 103.7 mph, higher then some of the LS1 cars there.

    I knew with weight reduction and slicks and gears I could get easily into the 12's in my vert.

    Good times.
  9. LM=SLP LoudMouth Exhaust..i know these terms because im a owner of a previous ls1 camaro before i got my new gt:)..

    anyways gtrackdo2 you seem to think everything is impossible..this has nothing to do with mustangs or DA(whatever that means) but my cousin ran a [email protected] bone stock in a 02 ss..bonestock,paper filter and all..alot of people didnt believe it because they are idiots..but anyways i just wanted to point that out.
  10. 10.80s all day with my 1996 GT stock. Had a 0.8 60 Ft with my stock Goodyears. :rolleyes:

    But seriously just a 14.7.<stick> I don't think the car could have done better than that. Hell i can be wrong. :shrug:

  11. Whats the formula for calculating DA?
  12. What do you mean I think everything is impossible? I was just askin if anyone could tell me what my car should be capable in the 1/4 with the mods i have listed..
    I didnt say anything about any ones stated times....mabye you lookrd at the wrong name????
  13. sorry gtrackd, i meant gtstang2k2..:)
  14. Nice run but...for the love of god, will all of you leave "dude" out of your posts. :rolleyes:
  15. Fine Bro!!!!! :nonono: :p
  16. what about fer-****zle? :D

  17. ha ha dude.. the modular depot gang took over this thread!