Electrical Random Beep After Start Up.

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by smmackie, Nov 8, 2013.

  1. After starting my car there is a random beeping. I am unsure were it is coming from or why it is happening. It beep a few times then stops and it even will start beeping again after driving for a while. Any suggestions or insight would be great.
  2. Have owned my 93 GT for 10 years now. Just completed a H/C/I and now all of the sudden I hear a new beep from somewhere near the center of the dash on start-up..just like you describe. Still have the chime, but now this additional beep. No idea what it is.
  3. Although I don't have one, I have read on here that a random beep coming from under the dash is the air bag modual beeping.
  4. Yeppers! Air bag module. Run a search here on Stangnet as theres some good info on diagnosing the issue. I havent had an airbag car for so many years i forget all the details but i believe @stangplus2birds had put together some useful info
  5. Yep it is the Airbag Diagnostic Module. I need to replace the one in my car again, seems to fail every couple years or so.
  6. Thanks! ....weird that it just started doing this after 10 years. Musta knocked some of the dust out during the swap.
  7. Thanks guys. That sounds about right. The warning light is on for the air bag.