Ranger Rotors??

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  1. Do Ranger front rotors fit on the ll? I need 5 lugs on the front, but don't have lots of $$$ to spend on new right now. Anyone? Thanks, Norm
  2. Maverick rotors will fit perfect and are 5-lug. They are same diameter as stock, so they are no better (or worse) that stock and use the stock calipers.
  3. Are the Maverick rotors 9" or 11"?
  4. My guess is if there a straight swap, they are 9 inch.
  5. Maverick rotors are supposed to be 9", same as the II. Interesting that they got stuck with the small rotors also, huh?
  6. What do you mean? Until I think it was 76, they came with front DRUMS! The discs were an improvement.
  7. Mustang II front 5 lug rotors

    Go to speedwaymotors.com and look under brakes on their online catalog. They sell a direct bolt on 5 lug rotor with bearings and seal for about 40 bucks per side. Look in the street rod section to find what you need. Got an extra 9" housing you want to sell? Have fun.