RANT!!! Modular Mustang Racing.

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  1. Screwed up my order and refuse to pay to fix it. I have the wrong motor in my garage and they won’t pay to fix it. So pretty much they said screw off. They said the engine I got was what I told them, which it WAS NOT the specs I told them... They denied everything I said, one of the guys actually said "he never makes mistakes" because apparently he’s not human.... The one who said that also screwed up on my oil pump order, and 3 weeks later I called them and they said that the order didn’t exist....
  2. Contact the BBB.... they will take care of you. Same story with my brother swapping motors in his Vette with JEGS. They sent him the wrong motor, he had a guy install it and didnt realize it wouldnt clear the stock hood, until after it was in.

    Jegs didnt want to budge until BBB stepped in. He got it all straightened out.
  3. Wow, thats the first negative thing Ive ever heard about MMR. Keep us up to date on how it works out. Sorry.
  4. Why would I make it up?

    What is BBB?
  5. no, it is :bs: what they are doing. the BBB is the better business bureau
  6. oh hehe, alright ill have to check them out.
  7. I had a bad experience with MMR... theyve kinda turned into a unit mover and their customer service blows... they have no time for the small guy... even though they only deal with individual customers... : shrug:
  8. sorry to hear you had issues...my dealings have been good so far but every company F's up eventually. Its how they deal with it that makes or brakes their reputation.

  9. Couldn't of said it better myself.

    Sorry to hear about that RubberEater. Hopfully they will straighten it out for you.
  10. just keep calling and demand to talk to Mark the owner. do not let anyone else deal with the problem. you have pm btw.
  11. thanks for all the help guys!
  12. http://forums.************.com/showthread.php?t=84718 Put m o d u l a r d e p o t in for **'s Look at MMR's response!!! They claimed I changed the compression 3 times! That is a complete lie!!! I called said I wanted 11.8-1 they said that would be considered a custom pistion but 12-1 would not cost extra... I said ok lets go with that. NEVER once did I call them back to change my order.... I cannot believe MMR its ran by complete devious people.

    this is what they wrote if you dont wanna click the link...
    During the (2 mounth time) as they claim I was waiting 3 weeks for the heads to come back from the machine shop, and waiting on my machanic who lives in another state to find some time off to come down.... I never once agreed to dished pistons (stock compression) or even brought it up. I had just sold my blower so I could go all motor, so I would not by any means want a low compression engine.

    Also they say they were going to fix it if i paid for shipping it was pay for shipping $250 or whatever and pay another $250 for flat top pistons which at the time were the same price as the dished pistons.. I shouldnt have to pay for anything for their errors.