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  1. I replaced the crank seal in my car for the 4th time this weekend and it's STILL LEAKING :mad:

    I'm depressed because now I think I have a scored crank :nonono:
  2. Do you run high RPM's?

    I do and after about 1,000 - 2,000 miles or so the front seals start to leak. It's just a thing with the 2.0's (in my case). the 2.3's dont do it so bad though.

    I think it has something to do with to much preasssure in the crank case causing them to blow back out. if higher speeds are ran, then it is just that it is getting extrememly warm and wearing it down. think of how much friction it has to have.

    then again I could be alll wrong. I will solve it eventually.
  3. Sleeve it, problem solved..
  4. elaborate bud :)
  5. Figured that was coming I had this link but decided not to post it, I was not sure if it would work right.. Anyway this is the link to Parts America, Schucks, Kragen and Checker, what ever they are in your neighborhood. You should be able to get them at most parts store's though.

    It is just a spendy little sleeve that goes over it and makes it smooth again..

  6. thats pretty cool!
    i need to check mine and see what they look like.I assume anyone could install these as they really dont see stress or anything, dont have to be pressed on.

    good deal I knew I kept yah around for some reason. :banana:
  7. Thanks Flush, I think!! :D They make those things for just about anything round that a seal rides on. I have never actually used one but have heard good things about them.
  8. I have the same problem in my 93 vert. Replaced it 3 times. The first was from advance. The last was from Ford. still leaks. :notnice: