*Rare* GT40 intake cover, mint condition

Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder' started by des89stang, Mar 31, 2012.

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  1. For Sale, a very rare Ford GT40 intake manifold cover, these are no longer made and
    extremely hard to come by, mine is in Ford Blue, you can easily strip the paint and have
    it back to original aluminum finish. Good luck trying to find one of these, I was lucky two years agon to find this one. $235 shipped to any of the 48 states. Email me [email protected], first offer to purchase takes it home to add that finishing touch!
  2. $195 + free shipping to any of the 48 states.
  3. I'll give you $25 for it.
  4. It may be rare, but it's not gold. They didn't even sell for $195 new. :rlaugh:
  5. $20, a stick of gum, and some pocket lint. You gotta pay the shipping tho.
  6. You are correct. It's not gold.. Its aluminum : )
    Don't care what it sold for as new, I've been offered 150 in the past, good luck finding one elsewhere.
    Sorry but no thanks.
    Depends on the quality of the gum and lint :)
  7. It's Bubbleicious.... o_O Watermelon!
  8. Bubbleicious isn't very good, no deal thanks!
  9. Damn... thought I had you on the ropes there.

  10. Lol, almost.
  11. $150 + free shipping.

  12. SOLD TONIGHT FOR $195.50, guess it was gold after all, just painted in Ford Blue :rlaugh:

    Thanks George :nice:
  13. There's a sucker born every minute I guess. ;)
  14. Law of supply and demand will always prevail :cool:
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