Rate your boss...

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Rate your boss...

  1. Walks on water

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  2. Good "yes" man/woman

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  3. Not good or bad, so-so

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  4. Should be in charge of grout inspection

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  5. Dumber than dirt

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  1. Now's your chance to sound off! It won't matter really, but it may make you feel better :D
  2. I guess I get to start! Great grout inspector! Not good at anything else.
  3. My first boss at this job would inspect the grout - and fixate on it. The present one knows his job, knows right from wrong, puts the customer first; but has a real problem with confrontation, so he - and those of us who grew up knowing we would have to work for a living - get walked all over by the slackers. :nonono: Eventually, he gets pi$$ed; but only after the rest of us are ready to start actively looking for mineshafts in which to place the bodies. (I have three such mineshafts already picked out for three specific guys.)

    Still Dreamin'
  4. When I worked at the convenience store, my immeditate boss (store manager) was a really great person. She was nice and very understanding. The area manager, however, was a sexist pig. Not the sleeze ball type of sexist pig, but the super conservative, women should always wear dresses & be at home cooking & cleaning type of sexist pig. And he always complained about the stupidest little things. If I had worked there much longer, one of us probably would have been fired.

  5. I have too many bosses to know where to start. They range from really good to grout inspection.
  6. my boss is a M-I-L-F :banana: :banana: :banana:
  7. My store manager rocks.
    the 3 assistant managers rock.
    computer area manager needs to inspect grout. Hes driving me NUTS! Hes been here 2 weeks. Got hired from home depot to work in computers. (what were they thinking???) knows next to nothing about computers and wants you to sell 6 months free AOL dialup to people who have roadrunner. so ya, he is STUPID! Good thing is, im our most knowledgeable computer sales associate AND the best, so he cant push too many buttons with me or I'll go to the managers haha.
  8. My Director of Nursing and Assistant Director of Nursing are great! The have been super supportive of me over the past year, first with my step-mother's terminal illness, and now with my own health problems.....:nice::nice::nice:
  9. I have 5 that I deal with on a daily basis. I like 3 of them personally and the other 2 can be real dicks. On a professional level, only one of them is worth a damn. One of them was recently hired (about 6 months ago), but I don't think he has learned anything since he's been here. I can run circles around this guy. It sucks because the guy he replaced was the best boss I ever had. He needs to grab the bull by the horns.
  10. My immediate supervisor is a sales manager. She has no real authority, and is basically a walking phone book. She has never sold anything for this company, and yet, she somehow made it to sales management. My department director is a complete narcissist (sp?) and has a trail of failed telemarketing businesses in his wake and trust me, it's a wide, wide wake. He fails to understand that selling complex technology to intelligent, well versed professionals is more than a numbers game, and you can't be truly successful in this business by simply pounding the phone. If we were selling widgets in quantity at $2 a piece, then perhaps his used car sales tactics would work.

    I don't even know where to begin with examples of the ineptitude of the management team in my department. I used to have ideas of how I could do the job better, and how I could make a difference, but working here for the last three years has crushed most of my motivation and initiative, as my boss thinks the only good ideas are the ones he comes up with. The only reason I speak to them is to let them know I've got money coming in, or to make it look like I need their advice, so they think I'm working, and it flogs their egos...it's like flirting in the bar, only I'm doing it with a couple of hogs.

    The other day, my director must have eaten something that didn't agree with him, as anyone who sat w/in 20 feet of his office was complaining about the foul stench emanating from there...nice level of professionalism. In a small bit of poetic justice, he had his boss in for a brief closed door meeting. Hopefully, he got a 'whiff' of my directors complete lack of professionalism.

    btw - anyone looking to give a fresh start to an experienced sales rep w/a back ground selling to automotive engineers and software developers, feel free to drop me a line...
  11. I am in your position too. Over the past several decades, the bosses were techs who progressed up the ladder to management, therefore knew the ins and outs of the job. We helped each other out.

    Now that we were bought out by some Texas bean counters, very few are motivated to do anymore than is required. They seem to think that by playing the numbers game, production would increase. Just the opposite is happening, fewer widgets are being completed due to the fact that the widget numbers are truly false. It's bound to catch up with the bean counters. :nonono:

    Fortunately for me, I'm on my way OUT, not on my way UP. :D
  12. I'm unemployed.
  13. My boss is the greatest person in the world. :D
  14. Well, in a couple of weeks, I will be celebrating 20 years with my wife, so that makes her the boss for sure. Any married male who says differently is a damned liar. She is a good boss. The best I've had. She gives good raises, and has an excellent benefits package. The only fault she has is that I have to work weekends.
  15. I don't have a boss. I am my own boss. I work for myself. I don't have to deal with any boss. It's nice to be independent. I love it.

    People who have a boss are not go getters. They don't have the drive to succeed. That's why they have to work for someone else all their life and that's why they have a boss. I'm glad that I'm not like that.
  16. Or maybe they are CEOs and there boss is the stock holders. Or maybe they just like what they do (nursing for instance? My mother is a nurse, she is a go-getter and has thought about starting her own business, but decided she likes nursing to much.)

    There are lots of reasons people have bosses other than not being go getters. I know many Marines whoa re go getters. They have a drive to succeed. But they like being Marines, and will continue to re-enlist because of it.
  17. self employed

    I have to agree with skywalker. I tried running my own wholesale business, and it wasn't easy. It involved many hours and when you're a one person business, there's no time for other things. I may complain about my work, supervisors, etc., but working for a company with good pay and benefits allows me to have time for other things. You only go through life once, so I have made a decision to do things this way which is probably best for me.
  18. I have a 30 something nephew that thinks like you.
  19. I'm self employed which means I have about 1000 bosses (the number of students/members at my gyms). Each and every customer is my boss. My staff knows that I am completely hands off if everyone is happy. If students are unhappy or if trials are not signing up, then we have a meeting. Luckily I have a pretty sharp staff who by and large are concerned with doing their job well. Allows me a lot of freedom.

  20. I have a problem with talk like this. I could explain my thoughts, but I am quite sure you wouldn't understand, since your bio claims that you manipulate the system.
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