Rate your boss...

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Rate your boss...

  1. Walks on water

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  2. Good "yes" man/woman

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  3. Not good or bad, so-so

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  4. Should be in charge of grout inspection

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  5. Dumber than dirt

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  1. I'm self employed, and having a boss is easier :D .If I were to start over I'd rather be working for someone else. The hours are much shorter :D

    PS; PerformanceRed............. :bs:
  2. i am not your boss.
  3. :lol:

    I just hope that no one that works for me finds this thread :D

  4. :rlaugh: Im curious, what type of business are you in ?
  5. See Ozsum2's post, which reflects my post also. :nonono:
  6. If you want to know, I am a real estate investor and a mortgage broker. And I work from home. I own my own mortgage office and I also own my own real estate investment company. I buy houses from idiots who are ready to lose their house and go into bankruptcy and foreclosure. Simply put, I buy preforeclosured property below market value. I then turn around and sell or lease option the property for a huge profit. And I work part time doing all this.

    I see too many people who are caught up in their comfy jobs who think that they have job security or who think that they love their jobs a lot. Who do they think that they are kidding? That's a bunch of BS. They work because they "have to" and because they need to pay for their big houses and SUV's and for their stupid lifestyles. I on the other hand am nothing like them. I work because I know how to make "lots" of money and enjoy life. And I don't work full 40 hour weeks. I go to work whenever I want to and I can make as much or as little money as I want to. That's the difference between me and the "I got to go to work" crowd. I am not dependent on a job like everybody else. I make my money on the people who work for a living and who cannot pay their mortgages. And beleive me, there are a lot of these types of people out there. And I make lots of money off all of these hard working career oriented idiots. And I love it. :D
  7. I already discussed *my* boss; let me make a quite concise description of the upper management in my organization by making a very credible conjecture: Our CEO was hired based on his track record in grooming our company to be purchased by the same organization that bought 2nd Mustang's employer! :rolleyes:

    As for Performance Red: Congratulations on your ability to derive your sustenance off others. You figure out the term this ol' cowboy uses for that trait. I, on the other hand, work my skinny white *** off to give our customers what they want and for which they are willing to pay.

    Still Dreamin'
  8. In my line of work in my "career", I may not make as much money as you do, but I do see people in your field, as well as others professions come and go. That's one advantage of my career, I can see the trend of some fields.

    Good luck with your career, but putting down others is really tacky.
  9. OH, so your scum? Taking advantage of less fortunate people.

  10. I would like to suggest to him, that he put a little back for a rainy day, as he vocabulary hints that his intellegence is running on borrowed time.
  11. Let me be the first to officially raise the BS flag. Judging by your other posts and your bio I think you just like to troll for replies. How many " real estate investor and a mortgage broker." who "own [their] own mortgage office and real estate investment company." have an 02 v6 Mustang as a daily driver and a 3 year old GT, both of which are parked OUTSIDE? Let me guess, the 10 car garage in the mansion is full of Ferraris that you wouldn't dare consider driving daily as you make your millions. :rlaugh: :rlaugh:

  12. So your saying the guy lies? :rolleyes:
  13. :D Badda Bing, Bodda Boom. Ding Ding Ding...........give that man a Ceeeeeegar! :nice:
  14. Hey hey,not all Real estate Invstors are bad. I'm also a real estate investor with my own company. Yes I still also work very part time as a CAD drafter so that I can easily qualify for a wider range of traditional loans if i need them (since i've been a CAD drafter for the same company for over 4 years adn they need the help). I also drive an 02 v6 mustang almost every day along with having a 72 and 65 stangs. I still live with my parents and sister and instead of buying excessive doodads (right now) I re-invest my profits into the business.

    I also don't take advantage of people in unfortunite situations. I help them so that they can:

    a) get into their first home
    b) help them repair thier credit through my company's affiliates
    c) help them get out of a home that's eating them alive, or is part of a nasty divorce

    I focus on helping people solve their problems, the good chunk of profit i may get out of the deal is just a side benefit that helps me continue helping others. That's my company's purpose, my partner & I's vision. But then again I'm different then a lot of so called late night investors that are flooding the market place and am not in it exclusively for the $$$ that can be made in a lot of areas. But I'm kinda weird.... and ya all know it ;)
  15. I do what oboebrian does. I help people.
  16. "Some people go through life wondering if they have made a difference in this world. The Marines don't have that problem." - Ronald Reagan

    Something you don't seem to understand: there are many different types of people in the world. You see some people want to be there own boss and that's good, 'cause these are usually the people who own small businesses and provide most of the jobs in this country. Then some people want to serve others, they do things like, go into politics (where they usually, but not always, become corrupt and greedy, though some genuinely care) or joint he military, or become pastors. These are people we depend on for some form of service that is usually pretty thankless - or some times can not be thanked enough as is the case of many veterans. Then somepeople like working for others. Engineers are prime examples. They love to build things, to design things, to solve problems.

    Does this mean these people are dependent ona job? Yes. But you're dependent on customers, just as much as they are that job. I hate to tell you, but no matter how well established you are, you don't have job security either.

    These people can be just as much go getters as anyone else. In some cases they are more so. But they have different goals than you. Some how because of their different goals you put yourself above them. Well, Let's just say we use your definition of go getter (someone who tries to be there own boss) and make the world and ideal place where everyone is a go-getter (as I believe they should be) andsee what happens.

    Ahh, but luckily the world doesn't fit into your little box does it?
  17. I'd be careful with the term less fortunate here WORTH. Some of these people are genuinely people who got screwed by circumstances (layed off in the tech industry like a friend of mine for instance.) But the majority are the types that are making a household income of $50k a year (mostly because instead of getting an education they were making babies in high school, so man hasn't even a GED and the woman barely has a high school diploma) and run up massive debt buying Lincoln Blackwoods and 23" chrome rims for them. All the while they have a $1000 a month mortgage payment. This mortgage was only given to them because of laws "protecting the poor" and when they don't pay the mortgage, the mortgage company is called a "predatory lender" when they foreclose. Do I have experience with these people? Oh you bet I do. A friend of mine is a real-estate lawyer. The stories he can tell you. Then there was the fact that my parents were foster parents for many years. The parents with kids in foster care...yep, same people. Irresponsibility in one area of life, leads to it in another area.

    I do want to reiterate this: I am speaking generally. Not all of these people are like this.

    On the other hand, I agree that guys like this are pretty much scum. What oboebrian does is very similar, but lacks the scum like quality of being an opportunist.
  18. The poll seems like an even spread across the board. I guess that was to be expected.

    I've had many good supervisors over the years, but lately, supervisors have no experience in anything, so it looks like it's all downhill from here. :(
  19. LOOK HERE.
    There's nothing wrong with being an opportunist. And there's nothing wrong with helping the people who are going to lose their homes and go into bankruptcy by "taking over" their property and selling or lease optioning it over to someone else who "can" pay and take over their mortgage. When this occurs the person who was the original owner of the house does NOT go into bankruptcy. They get "saved" from going into bankruptcy. And on the other end, the person who purchases the house from me will be able to get into "affordable" housing because I don't charge him the exhuberant prices that a real estate broker would for a house. The new buyer will purchase the house from me "BELOW" market value. When all this occurs, it's a WIN WIN situation for both the person who was ready to go bankrupt and for the person who wants to purchase a home, but who does NOT want to pay retail for it.

    So HOW can I be SCUM when I am helping out everybody here and making money doing this? Business is business. It's NOT my fault that the original owner of the house has problems and is going bankrupt. He should have been more careful with his finances. I am NOT the blame because he is losing his house. I just prevented this idiot from filing for bankruptcy and from him RUINING his credit for 10 years by taking over his house and everything that he owes on his house. It costs me money to do this type of a transaction. I take the risk. What risk does the distressed homeowner take? If I were not around to BAIL his a$$ out, the bank would take his house away from him and he would ruin his credit. I prevented this from happening. So HOW can I be scum? I just helped the distressed home owner. Nobody else, not even the bank or mortgage company would have been able to help him if I had not come into the picture.

    Think before you call someone scum. If I were scum, I would of let that idiot go bankrupt and I would of let him ruin his credit. I make an HONEST living. And I love what I do. I love helping people who are ready to go bankrupt and who are ready to lose their homes. And I make good money doing this. It's an HONEST living.

  20. Hmmmmm....methinks somebody here is a wee bit defensive! Could it be that he's realizing that his statement:

    might be a little too smart-a** for the crowd? :scratch:

    HINT: I've always found that re-reading my posts and either re-writing or adding disclaimers before clicking on the (SUBMIT) button is fairly fail-safe! But, then again, you might also check the third cliche in my sig line.
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