Rate your boss...

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Rate your boss...

  1. Walks on water

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  2. Good "yes" man/woman

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  3. Not good or bad, so-so

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  4. Should be in charge of grout inspection

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  5. Dumber than dirt

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  1. :stupid: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:
    Spec on the 3rd line. :D
  2. Dude, I've got that third line balanced and blueprinted! :banana:

  3. Ah ha ha haaaaa you sound like someone who hears their parents talk about work.

    I work part time in real estate right................. :rlaugh:

    My dad is into realestate. He gets up at 5-6 am and goes to sleep at 11 pm every single day.......

    It's more than just part time if you were really into it you'd know.

    Your a joke. :rlaugh:
  4. Then your our Dad is just an employee of the real estate brokerage office. Does he "OWN" his own real estate office or is he just an employee of the real estate office? Is your dad a real estate investor like I am?

    I happen to "OWN" my own real estate investment office. I work from out of my own home. I work from home. And I do NOT work 18 hour days like a jacka$$ like your dad does. I only work a few hours a week (10 hours to 15 hours at the most). And I work "PART TIME". Do you know what PART TIME means? And I make more money than any real estate broker who lists and who sells real estate that works full time.

    All I do is get the list of all the stupid idiots out there who are in Preforclosure and I go out and meet with them and try to bail them out of their bankruptcy situation with their homes. I do NOT KISS people's a$$ like your daddy does. Your daddy must go out there and get listings and sell them to make money. That's only for sissies. Your daddy is a real estate broker just like the millions of other morons out there who are working as real estate brokers and salespeople in real estate for a real estate brokerage office and who charge the home seller 5% & 6% commissions to make a buck. I do NOT do that. I do NOT sell. And I NEVER use a real estate broker and I do NOT even associate with them. They are ALL idiots.

    I buy each property that I find for myself and by myself WITHOUT a real estate broker's help. That's what we few real estate investors do. There are not too many real estate investors who do what I do. There is only a small handful of us. And we buy real estate "BELOW" market value and then turn around and sell it "BELOW" market value. We have nothing to do with real estate brokers. We find our own properties and we work alone. We do NOT need the real estate brokers and salespeople. We are real estate investors. Get that thru your head. :owned:
  5. I cannot believe you would finish that paragraph with :owned: after that unintelligent, angry rebuttal you just gave. I don't know how you could have any professional or personal relationships with an attitude like yours. I also can't believe you would come on here and disrespect people like this, many of which who work hard for a living. If you actually do own your own business :bs: and you carry an attitude like this, you won't be in business long. Then you will have to go out and beg some of the "morons" or "idiots" for a job. I just hope you keep us posted on your progress, I am curious how long you last on your own.
  6. PS, I am glad to know that there are not too many like you...

  7. Hey now,,,,,, I was the first to use the term unintellegent or in a word that he may understand.............STUPID!!! I dought he is anything but a piss ant anyway. Where is Pak when we need him???
  8. He's just looking for attention, ignore him and he'll go away.

  9. You're right. Probably challenged in some way.
  10. Quote:
    Originally Posted by PerformanceRed
    "I am not dependent on a job like everybody else. I make my money on the people who work for a living and who cannot pay their mortgages. And beleive me, there are a lot of these types of people out there. And I make lots of money off all of these hard working career oriented idiots. And I love it."

    Wow.....simply wow. Are you that asinine? Are you that ignorant? It shouldn't be about the money if you love what you do. You love what you do because you do it. Then you have the nerves to say you make an honest living. If that is an honest living than we are living in one hell of a lie. An honest living is a 15- soon to be 16-year-old trying to find any work he can to pay for his car completely and be proud. Like every other hard working man such as the marines. You like making money off of them...I am going to be sick.
  11. Some people in here feel insecure about me. I want everyone to chill out. I said what I said to make a point in here. I thought that the topic was about "RATING the BOSS". All that I said in here was that I am my own boss. Those people in here who are telling me that I am not going to last very long in whatever I am doing don't know how long I have been doing real estate investing. I have been a real estate investor for over 19 years. And I STILL am in business. And I love what I do. It's not only the money. It's also the fun that I have doing what I am doing which makes me want to stay in the business that I am in. And YES, I also like the money. So PLEASE don't mock me. And don't try to make me feel bad for other people who bust their chops working hard that cannot make ends meet. The people who cannot make ends meet either didn't get a proper education or they don't want to develop their skills to do better in their jobs. There's no such thing as mediocrity for me. A person is either going to make it in life or they are not. There's no other alternative. I don't feel sorry and I am not sympathetic for anyone who doesn't try to better themselves. I sympathize only with the people who strive for success and who are go-getters. The ones that just mocked me in here with the previous posts are the mediocrity types who are not go-getters. They are the ones who want everything handed down to them. And they are the ones who cannot succeed in life. These are the people who are the losers in our society. The Jerry Springer crowd as I call them. :D

    BUT the ones in here who support my philosophy are the ones who have the same goals and ambitions like I do. They have a will to succeed and to be better than the rest. Nothing comes easy in this world. It is the survival of the fittest. Understand this and you have understood half of the meaning of life and of survival in this world. Everything else is BS. If you are a Marine then you know what I mean. Semper Fi. :flag:
  12. What have you been smoking??

    Nobody supported what you said. And how dare you look down upon the hardworking men and women that make up the majority of the economy. I am taking engineering courses now to become an engineer because it is what I want to do. Tell me something...how can you enjoy helping "non-go-getters" when you talk so bad about them in here?
  13. Because I deal with them in my business dealings. Those are the people who are dumb enough to go into foreclosure and lose their homes. And I am the one who bails out these non-go-getters.

    Anybody who balloons their home mortgage with equity loans and credit card debt just to pay their bills off and to buy cars and to go on vacations is not a very smart cookie. And they aren't the type who are go-getters either. They are deadbeats and if it isn't for me, they would go into foreclosure and bankruptcy. How can someone who is in deep debt get out of debt when they have no money and a low paying mediocre job? I sure don't know anyone who can make ends meet that's like this. Most Americans are into deep debt. And they put themselves into this situation. It's their fault. They are the sole blame. They should have been more frugal and conservative with their spending habits. I have no sympathy for people like this. They put themselves in this situation. I am just around to bail them out of their financial crisis. I help out these poor helpless souls. And they are very grateful that I can be there to bail them out. I helped and saved thousands of people from going into foreclosure and bankruptcy over the last 2 decades. I think that this is a great thing. I love what I do a lot.
  14. Here's something he can understand


    ah ah ahaaaa

    ps: my dad is not a real estate agent same thing you supposly say you do. Except for the part of being a ****ing idiot.

    Why don't you get in your v6 stang hit a wall or something because you have no purpose in life.

    I vote for Banning this troll.
  15. Fostang,
    Your dady isn't a real estate investor. He is just a broker. He doesn't buy properties BELOW market value and resell them BELOW market value. He just lists and sells properties at MARKET VALUE. I don't do what your daddy does. I purchase each and every property BELOW market value and I sell each and every property BELOW market value. I don't call this the same type of real estate as your daddy is doing. He is just a broker and an employee for a real estate brokerage office. I on the other hand am a real estate investor and I work for myself. So please don't call me an idiot. I am smarter than you think.
  16. When is this going to be on the Jerry Springer show?
  17. OK, IF and that would be a big IF, you are as you say, then how do you stay in business being such a prick? How do you keep breathing when so many folks must be after your ass? I couldn't sleep nights. Perhaps, you live with mom and dad. Maybe dad has a big ole gun. :shrug: :lol:
  18. smarter than the average door knob maybe.

    ?daddy? Do you even know how old I am?

    wtf how do you know what he purchases homes at? have you taken a look at his portfolio?

    Where the hell do you get he is an employee??????

    He has a day job which he is getting ready to retire out of since realestate is giving him way more than the job.

    I'm unemployed but have a business that is more or less to feed my hobby. Which if you look at my sig is what it has gotten me. Amongts other things. Sorry no v6.LOL
  19. Performance

    Here is the deal. You present yourself like a prick. You refer to a huge part of society as idiots, morons and the like. You throw out blanket statements without any thought that you might be offending some pretty hard working and pretty sucessful people.

    If you did what you did and you told us about it without all of the assinine judgements, you would likely come across as a sucessful (assuming your not lying) businessman with a good thing going.

    As it is your true colors come out. In short you are SCUM because of the way you seem to view people as less than you.

    By the way, I've had my own business for 19 years. You won't be dealing with me because my house will be paid off in 18 months. My cars are also paid for. I currently work about 20 hours per week ( Not at home though I have two locations). I used to work 70 hours, but when my son was born 4 years ago, I made a decision that my wife wouldn't work and that I would be exceedingly involved in my son's upbringing. So I hired more staff fired the wife and put myself on part time.

    I currently have 13 employees, not a ton, but they are glad to have a job and I'm lucky to have people that are dedicated to doing a good job and providing a high level of customer service. My staff is paid between 12 and 35 per hour, depending on position, productivity and seniority

    I'm not portraying myself as rich, but I'm doing fine and I'm happy. further my clients are very important people to me. I enjoy dealing with them and we have by and large very mutually respectful relationships.

    I can not imagine enjoying life if I had your contemptuous view of the people I deal daily.

    You sound like scum to me.
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