Rattle Coming from A/C clutch or compressor?

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  1. I've come here asking for some assistance with an issue I am having with my 99 mustang GT. Sorry for my ignorance I am not really knowledgable when it comes to fixing cars. I'm trying to change that though, im tired of paying others to fix my car, I want to learn this for myself now. Anyways...

    After making a long drive today I noticed a rattle coming from under the hood. Working with a relative of mine we think we pinned the problem down to either being the A/C clutch or compressor. The reason I say this is because when I would start the car the rattling sound would appear. I would then turn on the A/C which would then limit the rattling sound. But now the rattling occurs regardless if the A/C is on/off. I can hear it more prominent now when I am idling at a light now.

    We haven't tried to removing the serpentine belt due to lack of time and tools. I am going to try and fix this this weekend. My question is does this sound like an A/C clutch problem or a compressor problem? I don't want to buy and replace the A/C clutch, only to have the problem actually be the compressor. Also is the vehicle safe to drive in this condition or will I screw things up more if I continue to drive it? All help is appreciated, thanks!
  2. From your description, this is a bad bearing in the AC clutch. It's a very common problem. Recommed fixing it before the bearings give way. Consider that the acc belt can do a ton of damage when it gives way.

    If you buy a name brand Ford clutch, and replace just the clutch (leave the field coil), the job is actually easy.

    If you would like to have copies of Ford Service manuals, wiring diagrams, and PCM manuals, I maybe able to help. PM if intestested.
  3. Thanks for the reply!

    I did some surfing around and found theses instructions on the removal of the AC clutch. Is this the accurate procedure?

    Ford Mustang A/C Compressor Clutch

    Also the AC clutch removal tool listed. Is it essential? I ask this because yesterday when we were trying figure out the problem we were able to remove the AC Clutch with out this tool using a regular ratchet wrench. I don't own this tool and have no desire to purchase it if I wont use it often.
  4. Another question...does the compressor need to be removed in order to replace the clutch? Or can complete this job without having to remove the compressor? I don't have any way of properly removing the refrigerant....
  5. I have done the job with the special holding tool and by wedging a screw driver in between the buttons. The tool is easier. The tool is dirt cheap and can be rented/loaned from you local autoparts store.

    You may find the holding tool helpful in re-installing the new clutch.

    Replacing just the clutch does not require the Freon to be removed.

    As a reminder, do not get an aftermarket replacement clutch unless you are prepared to replace the field coil. The serious work is in pulling and re-installing the field coil. It's OK to reuse if the field coil is good.