Rattling under car by my feet

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  1. ...but only when I accelerate. Could it be the catalyst in the catalytic converter has broken lose and is rattling?

    I had this happen in my Explorer and I cut it out and welded it back up. If it's the catalyst and I do this will my check engine light come on for my O2 sensor?
  2. Try the transmission bellhousing cover. Mine rattles at around 2800-3000 rpm. Took two bolts out and put RTV on the surface, put bolts back in. Problem Solved.
  3. Well, I already took the catalysts out of the cats :shrug: lol . But i'll try your suggestion if it keeps on rattling.
  4. Hey.. Take a rubber mallet and tap on the bellhousing towards the front of it.. towards the engine.. see if you get the rattle then.. thats how i found mine.. took a mallet and started tapping on things..

  5. I have the same problem on my v6. But it only happens when the car is hot after running for like 30 minutes. It sounds like helicopter when accelarating around 1800 to 2000 RPMs but more noticeable in 4th gear.

    dealer could not find the problem...as always

    any suggestions?
  6. i have this rattle to. my car will do it in neutral. i heari best on deceleration but then agagin i have a loud exhaust.
  7. I've had a very similar problem for some time now. I brought it in to the dealer a few times to have them try to fix it and they tightened up a bunch of stuff including the heat shields which helped somewhat but it definitely still does it. It doesn't does it on my car for the first 5 min or so after starting it up and only around 3,000 RPM.
  8. Try the rear transmission support crossmember under the car. There is a TSB on the two exhaust hangers coming lose causing the rattling around the rpm's you are stating. The hangers only have folded metal tabs into the crossmember. My left hanger was barely lose by wiggling it with my hand and thats what had caused the rattling.
  9. I believe that was one of the things they fixed when I brought it in for the sound. Still makes it though.
  10. +1. Go do that. If you find the problem, post it.

    If you can't find it yourself. Put it on some jack-stands, and have somone gently touch the gas while you look under the car...

    heat-sheilds, clamps, loose-bolts, mounts... all common things too loosen up..
    So go under with some wrenches and double check everything in the area of the sound... If your running catless, try removing your heat-sheilds that were near the cats....

    and lastly.. if the sound is tempermental to RPM.. it could very well be chop in the exhaust pipe itselfs from a loose fitting clamp, big gaps between the h/x-pipe and catback's. (that were covered by the clamps) or anything else that the exhaust could become extremely turbulent after hitting.
  11. I developed the rattle a couple months ago. I have just over 10K miles on my car.

    I took it into the dealer, thinking it might be cat heat shields. They looked around and tightened the shields, but the sound remained. It kinda pisses me off they they didn't bother to look for a TSB. I told him the EXACT RPMs it was happening and sound it was making...and gave him a ride, and he heard it.

    Now, thankfully, I can print the TSB and go back and make them do their job. Lazy bastards.
  12. Rattle update!

    I took my car in to the dealer. They did the TSB for the exhaust hanger. I drove away and....BZZZZZZZT! The rattle was still there.

    I went back and told the service guy to look up any TSBs on the rattle, and went to tell the tech the bad news. He came out and I mentioned something about the bell housing. He said he's had that problem on the V10s (trucks) and would throw some foam tape in there and that would cure the problem

    The service guy came back and handing me another TSB. This one wanted to DROP THE TRANSMISSION, and replace the bell housing shield and add some alignment pins and crap. I opted for the foam tape option first.

    I saw the tech undo the bottom two bolts. He added some sort of foam tape strip in 2 places and bolted it back up, trimming the excess foam. He plucked the bell housing shield (before and after this procedure) and you could tell that the rattle was from there, and that it should be gone (after he was done).

    Day 2 of driving reports NO rattle anymore. I've even saved weight by having a few less exhaust retainers.:rlaugh:

    It's the bell housing shield. That's the buzz rattle.
  13. Did it seem like something you could do yourself if you knew to do that? I don't want to bring my car in to the dealer if all I have to do is undo a couple of bolts and put some tape on.
  14. Didn't I say that about two months ago? LOL I'm glad its gone ;)

    I used RTV to fix my problem though.
  15. LOL, highvolts called it. What's RTV? Was it an easy fix?
  16. I'm no mechanic, but this looked simple enough.

    He loosened the bottom two bolts of the bell housing and used a screwdriver to wedge it open a little, then got some of this foam tape stuff, and put some in two places...basically on either side, near the bottom.

    Then, he re-installed the bolts.

    To the point about the post made earlier....
    I remember glancing at your comment about the bell housing as I ran off to print the TSB on the hanger thingies. Thanks to YOU, I was able to recall the word "bell housing" and that's what triggered his memory to fix it. So.... THANK YOU!

    The car is once again a joy to drive.....revving through the RPMs with no fear of some stupid buzz rattle as you blast by someone with their windows down.
  17. Hey Man. Glad it fixed!!!

    I used two screwdrivers to prop it open and put RTV on the surface and took the screwdrivers out.

  18. I just wonder if I'll need those exhaust hanger/isolator thingies in the future if I get an aftermarket exhaust?