Raxiom Sequential Tail Light Problem for Mustang?

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by Eric G., Feb 29, 2012.

  1. i just received a Raxiom Sequential Taillight plug-in Kit from AmericanMuscle, and when i installed the left one, tried it out and gave me no problems worked great.. now when i installed and tried the right side it had a problem:
    Right turn signal- fast very light mid bulb flicker
    brake+Right turn signal- all bulbs light up, but no turn signal
    lights on+ right turn signal- bulbs on, no turn signal
    emergency lights- only 2 far right work not the far left

    the stock ones work fine with no problem so idk wat the problem is, any help is appreciated
  2. sounds like the problem is internal to the switch you put in with the kit, to be honest your probably better off giving american muscle a call and asking them and or just having a replacement shipped out to you
  3. Actually it is already the second one I receive. So I doubt tht the kit is where the problem is at. :(
  4. hmmm strange... you may have a bad wire in the system then.. or possibly a crossed wire its hard to say without taking it apart and checking
  5. If you're on the second set and its been right side both times I'm thinking its a wiring or maybe even a bulb issue.....for the heck of it I would try changing all the bulbs on the right side....you may have a bulb that is going but still lights and creates a short.....worth a try....if you had no issues with the stovk lihhts you shouldn't have an issue with the sequencers....I'm not familiar with raxiom set, got mine from mustangtaillightsequencers.com. they were splice ins had no issues.
  6. Did your Raxiom Sequential Taillight plug-in Kit get fixed? I Installed mine last month and the left is perfect but the right works fine for the turn signal and as regular lights but middle one does not work as a break light. Like you my original lights were fine, I really like the sequential light.