Re Calibration Kit For Aod

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  1. I'm looking at different kits for bringing life into my AOD. I found B&M transpak and Transgo AOD HP and also Silverfox and Bauman have kits.

    I am looking for one that doesn't require taking out the tranny. I read somewhere that some kits make doswnskift from 2->1 (which is interesting).
    I am not looking for harder skifts (skift improvers).

    Any recommendations?
  2. your best bet is to get a reprogrammed valve body from either lentch or silver fox and swap whtme out with your stock valve body. you dont have to remove the trans to do the job, and it changes the shift pattern from od-3-1 to od/3-2-1 and provides an od lockout.
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  3. Thanks, I have contacted Dan (Silverfox). However, what is the difference in (besides the ease of installation) between Siverfox VB, Transgo AOD-HP and B&M Transpak?
  4. the transgo and B&M packages dont change the shift pattern, and they dont add an od lock out feature either.
  5. Thanks. Silverfox VB is ordered
  6. :nice::nice: let me know how you like it after you run it for a while.
  7. Of course!
  8. I'm thinking about that kit how was it?