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  1. The previous owner removed the entire A/C system from the car, leaving only the compressor in place, so the belt would still have the pulley. I am now considering re-installing the a/c system into this car. Does anyone have a complete list of what parts are needed? I know I will need a new compressor, drier, condensor and hoses, and I know I am missing some things. I basically want to install it, then I will take it to a shop to have the system evacuated and charged. I did find a guy on craigslist who says he has the whole system still on a car and he says it will bolt right up to my 88gt, the car he has is a 84 ltd fox. Can anyone confirm this, as this may be the easiest route to obtain all the parts. I understand going this way, I still need a new dryer. Any insight it appreciated.
  2. Pretty much you need everything new. Anything that's been left open to air probably has rust/corrosion inside and will destroy your system. For the amount of $$$, you can't afford to cut corners really or you risk losing it all.

    84 might be a V-belt year. Not entirely sure the A/C system is compatible with an 86+ Mustang.
  3. Since you need to essentially start from scratch, I would recommend that you buy everything new and build it for R134.

    Here is an idea of what you will need, exclusive of the freon.

    Do NOT buy a used A/C system. Do it right the first time and be done with it. Finally, make sure all of the wiring under the hood and ducts/vacuum hoses in the dash are all intact and functioning. Rock Auto has the best prices IMO unless you can cut a deal with one of the vendors here.
  4. would check with your local parts stores and see if someone sells a complete kit with a lifetime warrenty (when professionally installed) i Know here in AZ Hawks radiators has a kit for $600 and includes absolutely everything needed but its a serpentine belt type.
  5. I agree with others. Buy everything new. Everything could work perfect except for one part and it'll ruin the whole system. That's pretty much it though, compressor, dryer, condensor, hoses. I doubt the hoses from the ltd will work with a mustang but I am not positive. Just an assumption.
  6. Assuming it's exactly the same as what came on the Mustang of the same year, the '84 stuff probably won't fit your car anyway since the A/C hoses on carbureted 5.0 Mustangs are routed differently than that of their fuel-injected counterparts.
  7. Thanks for the info. I am going to look for a complete kit to purchase instead of trying the part by part purchase, just so I don't miss anything. I am going to pull the a/c controls out tomorrow, I want to switch them with the radio, so the radio is right under the vent and the a/c controls are down at the bottom. Right now I am not getting any power to the controls, so I don't even have it blowing warm air at the moment. Gotta love a project :)

  8. The system from LRS is nice, but the directions are total crap. They are a photocopy of someone's handwritten directions. Lots of swearing was involved when I did my system. I will say the system works perfectly though.
  9. I just looked at the LRS system, and I am thinking that is what I will order. When you got yours, did you need any additional parts or anything like that? Since you have the system, I figure your the best person to ask. It appears my car has no a/c components in the engine other then the compressor (which is probably bad anyway). I know the heater core was bypassed/removed as the hose that would go to the heater core is just routed directly to where the hose from the heater core would return to the engine area.
  10. it comes with everything except freon. Like I said, it's a great system. Just some really piss poor directions.
  11. Wha
    What about for guys that want to retrofit? Are theses systems complete for a start to finish instal, or are they only suitable for upgrading current components. Looking at the stock photo on the site, it almost looks as though there may be brackets missing to mount the compressor?
  12. In The Box

    • (1) Accumulator
    • (1) Condenser
    • (1) Compressor
    • (2) Brackets
    • (4) Hoses
    • (1) Belt
    • (1) Fittings
    • (1) O-Ring Set
    • (1) Instructions
    Straight from the site. Plus I had all of my original stuff and nothing was reused after installing the new kit.
  13. According to the instructions, you need to reused and modify your OEM A/C mount bracket and you will of course need to use the original evaporator (mounted inside your firewall), as the kit doesn't appear to come with one? So you would have had to have reused some of your original parts...which leads me to believe it's only an upgrade kit and not a true retrofit kit. Too bad. :shrug:
  14. You're right on the evaporator. I hadn't even thought of that. As far as the bracket goes you just have to clearance come material off of the original condenser bracket. Once that's done you use the two black bracket pieces in the left side of the photo and bolt it right up.
  15. I forgot to mention that the clearancing of the bracket can easily be done in 5 minutes with a dremel.
  16. Yeah, I get the clearancing of the stock bracket part. That's not really my issue with the kit though. The point I was trying to make is that non A/C guys couldn't retrofit to this kit, since they wouldn't have the bracket, or the evaporator (and I'm sure a few other misc parts) to begin with.

    I'd like to see a true retrofit kit sold, that included these parts, plus hardware, plus the HVAC control for guys who want to legitimately convert (not upgrade) a non A/C car to A/C.

    My issue, is that my car was a prior A/C car, but the previous owner in his infinite wisdom decided to remove and discard the system when it developed issues, rather than repair it when he had problems with it. You have to be a special kind of idiot to remove the A/C from a black on black car to begin with....but to then throw it away....instead of at least setting it aside for the next owner!?! :bang:

    He was probably on of those dummies who believed removing the A/C was going to gain him horsepower or something? Usually the same type who removes it to "save weight" for better handling, but leaves all of the other stock 20-year-old dry rotted suspension components in place. :rolleyes:

    I've scrounged most of the factory A/C parts to put it back together, but I seem to be missing the compressor mounting bracket and most of the bolts to install said pump. Kind of maddening. I wish I could find a complete breakdown of all of the A/C components, just so I know I've got everything ready to go. Tried for the longest time to find a Microfiche, but to no avail. :(
  17. Call up Latemodel Resotation. I guarantee they can at least give you a list of what you need. More than likely they'll be able to even source the parts.
  18. It may come down to that....but my guess is they'll try to get me into an entirely new unit. I mean....that's what good salesmen do, right? :D
  19. Honestly man, they've been pretty cool with me. I ordered about $3k worth of stuff from them when I was in Hawaii and they went out of their way to work with me on shipping wothout me really even asking. It really helps that they're really really into mustangs. Very understanding and cool guys.

  20. i know where a 91 lincoln with a 5.0 sits with all the a/c stuff, bracket and bolts i think.