Re-installing A/c

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  1. I ordered all my A/C stuff brand new. Rockauto had a bunch of it...Motorcraft too. Some of the minor lines are actually cheap. I think i spend $60 or so on the 3 lines from there.

    I spent about $500 ish on ALL new A/C stuff including R-12. I have yet to install because I just haven't had time to yank my dash and install the new Evaporator. Once that's in, i have everything else to hook up, a vacuum pump to suck it down and new oil and R-12 to put in.

    I snagged the R-12 off ebay. After shipping it came to around $25-28/can. Given that in my local part stores R-134a has been climbing in price and is now nearly $20/can, i felt the additional expense was worth it.

    I did get my HVAC cert though to buy it. $20 and an online test. Not one person i bought R-12 from off ebay asked to see it. I probably have bought 10-15 cans so far. (every so often i'll scoop one up to stockpile)
  2. Wish I could be 100% certain the Lincoln used the same hardware and bracketry as the Mustang?
  3. It is the same I do believe. Just not the h/o stuff
  4. With dealer air an option on early fox cars, I would think one of the aftermarket air companies would offer a turn key kit.
  5. I am getting ready to order all the parts, as when I priced it out Rock Auto and PartsGeek seem to have the best prices for buying the individual parts. Think I am going to go with Rock Auto, as I've read a few bad reviews about PartsGeek. Anyhow, this is the list I have put together for the parts I am going to order. PLEASE let me know if I am missing anything or if I have parts on there I do not need.

    Accumulator/Drier with suction hose
    Discharge hose
    Liquid Line with orifice tube
    Refrigerant filter
    Expansion Valve
    Pressure Switch

    Thanks again for everyones help!