Progress Thread Re: Maryland Monster (racerxmd) Build!

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  1. Hello, all. Thought I would start a tread on my winter up-grades done on my '86 GT. It started as a chassis wiring project that I attempted. I use an aftermarket universal harness only to realize it was way over my head. I made some good friends from PA are they have been helping me out. So I got the car to friends place (Troy Baum @ Racewires) for the wiring project. Soon after we decided it was better to take to the other friends place (Todd Witman @stang79) for chassis work before we did the wiring. At Todd's place we did the following:
    1. Team Z Thru Floor Frame Connectors
    2. S & W 10-Point Mild Steel Cage
    3. X-Brace on Rear Support Bars
    4. Chassis Works Door Swing Out Kits
    5. Patch Passenger Floor Areas
    6. Mini-Tub
    7. Rear Coil Overs
    8. Team Z Instant Center Brackets
    9. Team Z Strip Series Rear Control Arms
    10. Mount Electric Heater Box Under Dash
    11. Trunk Floor Mod so Stock Sump Fuel Tank would work
    12. Rear Battery Box Install
    13. Insulate the floor areas
  2. Here are some before pics of my car:
    As you can see, my cage was a mess!
  3. That's a serious build, lots of hard work right there.

  4. Thanks
  5. Woo hoo another Marylander that makes three that I know of great build so far man I assume that's awWindsor block or is it aftermarket?
  6. Yes, it is a stock '74 block. Motor was built by Ford Performance Solutions in Anaheim, Cali. As you can see it made 612/584 at 6K! DYNO operator thought it had a hydraulic roller cam, but it had a Solid Roller in her. You can see on the dyno sheet that it is still climbing!
  7. Daaaamn! How many ducketts that set you back?! Nice work. Can we get some more pics of the car?
  8. looking great man!
  9. More:

  10. Wish my welds looked like that. Very nice build, keep posting pics.