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  1. not sure how i got the name honestly... i havent actually broke a T5 yet. i had a fluid leak burn an input shaft and thats it. lol but i guess it kinda stuck with him
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  2. Will do, Troy is a Great Person and Has A Lot of Patience with my Dum Ass! You know me always wanting "MORE"! LOL
  3. I used to break'em almost yearly. This was before I knew about aftermarket shifters with positive stops....and I got better at powershifting. :p
  4. yea hes good people! well for a yellowbullet phuckstick lol
  5. I don't want to poop on his thread. Maybe they'll last longer for him being back by the axle.
  6. My car is also currently just N/A. Once I get some seat time with it, I would like to spray a little 200 shop or so. I think I read where there was a problem with the mufflers under Boost pressure or something. I also think that placing the mufflers further back near the stock location will help with them surviving. So, please explain your post to better understand the meaning or concern if any I should have with them or the system.

  8. Hope you like this :

  9. There's no link or pictures if that's what you were trying for.
  10. Very nice work. I would make one change; add a rectangular piece of clear plastic sheet as a cover over the two electrical power posts.


    This is also a recommendation for any terminal strip like the one for the fans. This prevents things that get dropped from bridging the power to ground or other parts of the circuit.

    [​IMG] termnial strip cover.jpg
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  11. Thanks, that is a Great idea! I also have a panel that covers the opening when ever I do not want to show it off or while I am driving it.